The newest healthy food hub courtesy of the 1771 Group of Restaurants officially opens in Bonifacio Global City.

A lot of people claim that nutritious food are not delicious as everything is an alternative to tastier, sinful delights. But with the newly opened The Juicery by Chateau 1771, nutrition and taste complement each other.

The Executive Chef Vicky Pacheco has concocted juices and salads using the same fine dining standards of the 1771 Group, using only the best and freshest ingredients. Additionally, in the preparation of the dishes and juices there are no shortcuts or extenders to make sure that diners get the full flavour and nutritional benefits.

"We were thinking of a product that would engage mall-goers who may not be interested in fine dining but rather in something affordable, easy-to-consume, and easy-to-prepare," Chef Pacheco said.

Replenish your body after a rigorous workout by choosing a delicious, guilt-free meal and smoothie that definitely do more good in your body than the typical snack from any convenience store or fast food. 

The exciting meny of The Juicery brings fun options to the healthful table with classic combinations alongside new takes on familiar favourites.

"In consuming these smoothies as you go on a cleansing diet, you get vitamin supplements from natural and unprocessed sources and energy boost from natural sugar source like banana," Chef Pacheco continued. "Since smoothies have yogurt which contains probiotics, they promote good gut health. Meanwhile, vegetable juices provide more nutrients than cooked veggies," she said.

There's also the option of sugar-free smoothies and shakes with nipa sweetener, a low-glycemic-index, natural flavouring sourced from the nipa palm. Get an added protein fix by adding flaxseed—credited with aiding better digestion and fostering a healthy heart—to your drinks. At The Juicery, these juices, shakes, and smoothies are made to order.

Try the signature juices! The Big Vibe offers key nutrients and vitamins from apple, beet, orange, carrot, and lemon. Looking for a dash of flavorful zest? Strawberry Fields combines strawberry with fruits like apple, watermelon, and orange to add to the tangy flavors. On Your Feet combines the health benefits of celery, ginger, and kale for a quick and satisfying superfood fix.

Meanwhile, salads have different vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The must-try is the signature Kale Caesar. For a good dose of protein, order the Asian Steak Tips or Romaine Caesar with Shredded Chicken or Quinoa. In a hurry? Enjoy happiness in a cup with the cute Fruit Cups, or take home the flavours of The Juicery with tasty Soups To Go.

Besides bringing forth scrumptious offerings from the best and freshest ingredients, Chef Pacheco added that in preparing healthy dishes and juices, "Always start and end with immaculately clean work surface, disassemble the juicer right after use and wash it thoroughly to make sure that no food fibres are stuck, choose fruits and vegetables without spots or blemishes and wash them well, and lastly, store the fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator immediately once cut."

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy snack, a spot to bring your kids for a nutritious choice, or a meal to recharge the body post-workout, Juicery by Chateau 1771’s selection makes healthy eating both easy and enjoyable.

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