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Get to experience authentic Japanese kushiyaki with friends and family at Okada Manila’s newest Japanese restaurant — Enbu.

Kushiyaki, the traditional Japanese way of turning the finest ingredients into delectable skewered bites of meat and vegetables, can be enjoyed in its authentic form at Enbu.

Eating grilled meat on sticks is a Japanese tradition, and one that lies at the core of Enbu’s cuisine — where each slice of wagyu beef or the day’s seafood is amplified through its own natural flavours. Artful grilled cookery, tempered by Japanese tradition, makes for an unforgettable dining experience.

The ingredients are freshly brought in from Japan to the refined milieu inspired by Nihon kenchiku or Japanese architecture of Enbu. In the main dining area, Enbu’s stylish and inviting robata counters take centre stage. Guests are called to take a seat and watch as Chef Sugiyama and his team make use of traditional Japanese cooking techniques, slow-grilling the finest meats and vegetables over charcoal, resulting to beautifully charred and full-flavoured dishes with smoky aromas.

“Since the food is cooked in front of the customers, I want to show more activity—more theatricality. It’s also going to be more casual, relaxed, and fun, as compared to other fine dining restaurants in the restaurants,” expresses Chef Sugiyama. He envisions the new Enbu to be youthful.

Formally trained in Kyoto, a historical city of traditional Japanese cuisine, Chef Sugiyama’s love for Japanese cuisine blossomed as he was growing up in the streets of Shizuoka. His family owned a restaurant and fish shop where he learned the aromas and tastes of various ingredients. He has since worked in the kitchens of notable restaurants in Kyoto until he finally found his way to Okada Manila as Enbu’s Chef De Cuisine.

Those who are ready for robatayaki and kushiyaki will be thrilled to know that they can once again enjoy their favourite charcoal-grilled meat, seafood, and vegetables. Robatayaki, a method of cooking which literally translates to “fireside-cooking,” is characterised by grilling food over hot charcoal at varying speeds. Kushiyaki, is derived from the words “kushi”, which means skewer and “yaki” meaning grill.

For those who crave for more tastes and textures, Enbu also offers satisfying sushi, tender wagyu steak, an assortment of crunchy tempura, the freshest sashimi, sweet-savoury chicken teriyaki and Japanese halo-halo for dessert. At Enbu, there’s surely something to tickle everyone’s taste buds!

“Aside from good food, it is a beautiful restaurant with a great ambiance. We want it to be a place where couples, families, and friends can enjoy,” Chef Sugiyama adds.

Carefully designed interiors with distinctly Japanese elements set the mood for a festive and enjoyable robatayaki experience. Suspended in multiple rows from the ceiling are 2,160 red chochin lanterns, reminiscent of festivals and picturesque streets of Japan.

Diners can enjoy “unlimited kushiyaki”, which comes with unlimited rice and miso soup, from 1 January to 31 March 2020.


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