Don't let her bashful occupation fool you, Celest Thoi is one brave soul when it comes to food.

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Celest Thoi is a name that always comes to mind when we think of exquisite wedding dresses and stunning evening gowns. From a wedding show collaboration with Tiffany & Co to dressing our November cover star and Most Stylish Woman 2013, Gabrielle Tan for the Malaysia Tatler Ball 2013, this lady is a quiet force in our local fashion industry.

As a wedding dress designer, most would think of her as a quiet and bashful lady but all assumptions are silenced after hearing her foodie dining_tatler_stories. From trying poisonous food to testing the odds of food allergy and indulging in the King of Fruits, Celest shows us that she is one brave adventurous soul when it comes to food.


1- SEAN (90).jpg - Celest ThoiThe craziest thing you’ve ever eaten:
Fugu aka puffer fish/blow fish (poisonous if the chef does not know how to handle the fish; all fugu chefs must be certified!)

Something you shouldn’t eat and yet you always (happily) do?
I am allergic to shellfish…but I’ll always sneak a few into my tummy.

Food that reminds you of your childhood?
Pandan cake & Teochew porridge, my mom used to cook that for me when I was younger. Her pandan cake is to die for!

Favourite restaurant/cafe to dine in:
Midi57 because I like the relaxed environment and the pizzas there are super delish.

Where to bring visitors for mouth-watering Malaysian food:
Madam Kwan because it is always so fulfilling. It’s a must-try for all my visitors!

For a healthy meal:
Marmalade at Publika and my favourite dish is avocado salad.                             

For celebration dinners:
Cilantro & Sage. The food is always consistent with quality.

Your biggest craving when travelling outside of Malaysia?
Assam fish head curry and Durian.

Favourite restaurants outside of Malaysia:
Saveur, Singapore for French cuisine at great value!
Blue Elephant, Bangkok for authentic Thai food.
Cristal Room Baccarat, Paris because I love the ambience and their artful food.



(Cover photo courtesy of Celest Thoi)

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