Looking for the best place to grab a comforting bowl of ramen? We round-up some of the places we repeatedly go back to! Scroll through to find out:

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Ramen Nagi

This timeless classic is an easy go-to for anyone craving a filling ramen bowl. Their customisable "omotenashi" sheet brings you variations of their menu staples. Choose between hard or soft noodles, gauge the richness of your broth, and even adjust the spicy level from basic to scorching. At Ramen Nagi, the experience is all up to you! 

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Known for their signature broth, Ippudo brings in long lines as well as their classic take on the Japanese dish. Go for the Shiromaru Motoaji, which is Ippudo's original tonkotsu broth served with ultra-thin noodles, pork loin, bean sprouts, kikurage and spring onions. 

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Ramen Yushoken

For those from the South, this dining gem is a definite go-to (if you get through the long queue, that is). Their signature broth is probably going to be the most "gelatinous" in this list. It is recommended that one shouldn't idle too much and consume the bowl while it's hot. With a richness like no other, Yushoken offers diners a thick and tasty broth with a pristine cut of chasu! 

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Mendokoro Ramenba

Speaking of long lines... Mendokoro definitely takes the cake. However, if you have the patience and endurance to last the hour-long lines, you're surely up for a treat! With a broth simmering with pure meaty-flavour, the first sip always proves to be worth the wait. A comforting bowl like no other, drop by for a fail-proof serving! 

Tatler Tip: Drop by during off hours to avoid the staggering queue.

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Mitsuyado Sei-men

An oldie but a goodie, Mitsuyado has been bringing the crowd for a time now. Enjoy a delicious bowl of either ramen of tsukemen and discover different twists on your favourite classic. Bring friends and family and enjoy their exciting menu!

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This Michelin-starred restaurant just recently opened its door at High Street, BGC. With a unique broth of seafood and pork, Tsuta offers a different take on the rainy weather classic.