Cover Photo: Dedet De La Fuente

Dedet De La Fuente’s beloved truffle rice lechon took the Philippines by storm and has now made its way to America.

Pepita’s Kitchen - the famous and much-loved homemade food enterprise responsible for crispy delectable lechons stuffed with incredible varieties of rice - is a name spoken with much admiration and respect here in the Philippines. Owned by Dedet De La Fuente aka the Lechon Diva herself, the brand’s truffle, sisig, chorizo and crab fat, or garlic and lemongrass rice stuffed pigs have won over the hearts and stomachs of Filipinos, becoming staples for many a celebration.

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A wonderful milestone has just been reached, for Pepita’s Kitchen opened at the new Resort’s World casino and became the first-ever Filipino concept on the Las Vegas strip! Here, you can order the iconic lechon with truffle rice or a lechon sisig panini.

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With a section at the casino’s 24,000 square foot food hall 'Famous Foods Street Eats', Pepita’s is poised to win over the Filipinos in the Las Vegas community (and hopefully everyone else too). “Thank you to all the Filipinos who approached me saying they flew from San Francisco, Utah, Chicago, Seattle, etc to taste our lechon and see the Famous Foods Street Eats of Resorts World. Some even bought a few orders to bring back [to their homes],” she said with excitement and gratitude.

Dedet shares that her goal is to bring Filipino lechon and our cuisine to more people around the globe. In fact, she made sure that the Philippine flag was part of each lechon dish served to guests during the grand opening. She even donned a spectacular custom chef’s coat by Rajo Laurel which proudly said “Lechon Diva”. She jokingly said that the eye-catching outfit was part of her master plan: “to stand out and be seen so people would come to know a little more about our cuisine”. 

“The Lechon Diva is on a mission to make Philippine lechon and cuisine a global sensation, and it starts here at Resorts World Las Vegas!”

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