The leading international single malt opens up a new distillery and visitor experience, meant to increase production and give fans the chance to take a look at a sustainable and modern way to make whisky.

The Macallan, one of the most well-known Scottish single malt whisky makers in the world, has recently revealed a new distillery and visitor experience in Speyside. 

Located on Easter Elchies estate, the home of the brand since 1824, the new distillery is designed by internationally acclaimed architect Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and is located 400 metres from the existing distillery.

The £140 million distillery comes as an investment in whisky, warehousing and more specifically for The Macallan's signature sherry-seasoned oak casks, allowing the whisky maker to increase production by a third if required. Also energy efficient, around 95 per cent of the energy consumed will be from renewable sources.

The first whisky ran through the stills in December last year and the visitor experience opened its doors to the public on June 2.

The stills used in the new distillery are the exact same shape, size and lyne arm orientation as those used in the previous distillery, made by the same Scottish coppersmiths, Forsyths, who have been making the brand’s distinctive stills for The Macallan since the 1950's.

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