Cover Photo: Fish Tales, Ocean City

Rather than enforce social distancing through militant means, these restaurants and cafés are coming up with creative and amusing solutions to make dining out fun

Amsterdam, Netherlands

No stranger to innovation, Mediamatic ETEN has hosted a slew of eye-opening events in the past, including a 'Beauty Dinner' revolving around edible skin products (Gwyneth Paltrow of Goop would probably have approved!) Though not strictly vegan, the eco-friendly restaurant supports plant-based eating and serves the likes of Aubergine Satay, Beetroot Orzotto, and Fresh Aquaponics Salad.

In order to lure the locals of Amsterdam back through their doors post lockdown, the edgy restaurant and art space installed individual greenhouses along the banks of the Dijkspark canal. Each Serres Séparée seats a maximum of four diners, and guests should already live in the same household, preferably.

Maryland, USA

Now that theme parks have shuttered their gates indefinitely, bumper cars are beginning to feel like a thing of the past. But one company hopes to make it big with Bumper Tables.

Event Revolution's new invention guarantees a 6-inch gap between yourself and the closest diner at a restaurant. Fish Tales Ocean City was among the company's first clients. Fashioned from air-filled rubber tubes and outfitted with stroller wheels, Bumper Tables can be rented for $150 each.

Schwerin, Germany

Though cost-effective, duct tape, the most common spacial marker at most restaurants, isn't thoroughly effective as unobservant customers often overstep their boundaries; neither does it do anything to lift the gloomy atmosphere that has settled on Schwerin, North Germany, like a thick fog.

Hence everyone's mirth to hear of Cafe & Konditorei Rothe's ingenious tactic for maintaining social distancing: straw hats affixed with colourful, 1.5 metre-long pool noodles are handed out to every customer who wishes to dine-in.

Owner Jacqueline Rothe said that her aim was to put a smile on people's faces, especially after experiencing an onslaught of gloomy days.