Japanese art dealer NANZUKA and acclaimed Sushi Saito have come together to create a stylish, multi-purpose space

Acclaimed art dealer NANZUKA has recently announced the opening of one of the year’s most aesthetically pleasing dining spaces—3110NZ by LDH Kitchen. The minimalist Tokyo-based establishment functions as a contemporary art gallery by day and an acclaimed sushi restaurant by night.

The gallery comes as a collaboration with former Michelin three-starred Sushi Saito, another Tokyo-based business, which up until closing its doors in November last year, was widely regarded as one of the world’s best sushi restaurants.

“Our owner is a disciple of Mr. Takashi Saito and will strive for the return of the Michelin stars,” the gallery hybrid said in a statement on Instagram, adding that the establishment is also set to be the only restaurant where guests can enjoy high quality sushi while appreciating contemporary works of art in such a noteworthy “cutting-edge architectural space.” 

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The minimalist space was designed by New York-based Daniel Arsham’s architecture firm, Snarkitecture, and features large, cavernous walls carved out to showcase paintings and other works of art, alongside soft, glowing lights that line the ceilings and surround each painting. The oversized cobblestone flooring is complemented by a single wood-based sushi bar in the centre of the gallery that Sushi Saito will take over come evening time.

The inaugural exhibition is set to open to the public starting on July 21 and will feature works by influential Japanese artist Keiichi Tanaami with the following exhibitions set to run between six to eight weeks at a time. For more information on the opening and future exhibitions, visit the official NANZUKA website.

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