Enjoy a delightful dinner experience at Indigo Restaurant, Discovery Shores Boracay’s most popular dining destination

To start the meal, you can either enjoy the warm Sweet Corn Veloute topped with onion crisp, roasted corn and paprika popcorn or have a bite of their Shrimp and Crab Salad Roasted corn with avocado mousse, bread tuile, scallion and baby tomato.

Enjoying the delights of the sea, their Soy Caramel Glazed Mahi Mahi is sustainably line caught, served with ginger fried rice, haricot vert, oyster, mushrooms and soy caramel sauce. You can also enjoy their Polenta Crusted Barramundi, a stunning seafood main course served with herb baby potato, haricot vert, basil crisp and sauce vierge.

For a serving of red meat, feast on their luscious 250g sous vide filet mignon served with seared onion, haricot vert, baby “patatas bravas”, and drizzled with cabernet balsamic glaze.

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