Get ready for stunning centrepieces, charming cakes, and an array of colourful Parisian macarons as Bizu Patisserie invites everyone to partake in A Bizu Christmas Feast: The 2019 Christmas Catalogue.

Savoury feasts

Bizu’s Angus Rib-eye is a perfect show-stopper: premium beef, seasoned just right, ready for carving and served with horseradish cream and au jus on the side to further enhance its flavours.

The Whole Roast Turkey, stuffed with Bizu’s signature blend of crunchy apples, chestnuts, and sausages, is a traditional centrepiece, and will surely make your guests dig in with gusto.

Pescatarians, meanwhile, may choose between two luscious Norwegian salmon dishes: Baked Salmon Rockefeller, oozing with creamy spinach and parmesan, and the Smoked Salmon Caviar, a terrine masterpiece topped with rich dill cream cheese and soft pearls of black caviar.

Sweet indulgences

The mark of Bizu is its Macaron de Paris, one of the trickiest pastries to perfect, yet Bizu Patisserie consistently gets right. These bite-sized delights feature variations on flavoured buttercream melding two chewy almond meringue shells. Indulge in the macaron flavours of the season: Queso de Bola, featuring white chocolate ganache with the tang of cheddar cheese and queso de bola; Salted Caramel, offering crushed praline dipped in chocolate; and the famous Malagos Chocolate, featuring Davao dark chocolate ganache.

This year, Bizu Patisserie has also intricately assembled dessert towers resembling 12-inch-tall Christmas trees with either twining ribbons or edible ornaments in seasonal colours. The Macaron de Paris Tower contains up to 200 pieces of decadent macarons filled with chocolate ganache; the Strawberry Tower is made from 160 pieces of juicy strawberries; and the Truffle Tower contains 140 pieces of dark chocolate truffle dipped in white chocolate, with a gilded chocolate star as a topper.

Bizu’s specialty cakes are sure to dress up your holiday table. The Chocolate Caramel Cake layers moist chocolate cake, smooth caramel and chocolate ganache with a sprinkling of almond nuts, and a confetti of fresh strawberries and blueberries. The Strawberry Rose Cake offers moist sponge cake filled with chantilly cream, strawberry sauce, and rose essence, topped with Rose and Vanilla Macaron de Paris, fresh strawberries, and blueberries. With the Salted Caramel Cake, meanwhile, bite into layers of genoise sponge cake and chocolate moist cake with salted caramel filling, topped with caramel bonbons, salted caramel macarons, and chocolate pearls.

Personalized gifts

Bizu is also offering smaller-sized cakes that are perfect as gifts: the Orange Almond Butter Cake, Noisette (layers of hazelnut, dacquiose, praline feulletine, ganache moeulleuse, whipped milk, and chocolate ganache), and Raspberry Cheesecake (layers of baked cheesecake and cheese mousse with feulletine crunch topped with raspberry jelly and fresh strawberry). Send to those who like trying a bit of everything—with your compliments!

Luxuries may come pocket-sized, from Christmas Cake Pops and Truffles, to boxed treats such as Salted Caramel Bonbons dipped in dark chocolate, handcrafted Nougats, and buttery Caramel Chews. Bizu has extra-special treats such as Pretzel Joie, slated pretzels dipped in both white and dark chocolate); and Mendiants, a traditional French confection made from Belgian chocolate in white, milk, or dark variants. It’s extra nutty topped with almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pecans, cacao nibs, and assorted fruits. Best of all, it’s sugar-free—so you needn’t feel too guilty for indulging or gifting them!

Sparkling joy through Bizu

Whether you’re looking for the trendy or the traditional, the sweet or the savoury, trust that Bizu has exactly what you need to make your holiday party a memorable occasion!

To place your orders, contact or visit any Bizu branch, with last orders for December 24 to be made by December 21 and last orders for December 31 to be made by December 28. For anything roasted, allot three days prior to ordering. All of the items in the 2019 Christmas Catalogue are available in store or on

Share your favourite gourmet experiences as you enjoy Joyeux Noel: A Bizu Christmas Feast with the hashtag #TheJoyofBizuChristmas. Be merry with Bizu!

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