Genting Dream and World Dream, two luxury cruise ships under Dream Cruises's award-winning fleet, will serve dishes worthy of royalty from October 2019 through January 2020

Singer-songwriter Lorde had it right when she crooned, "We'll never be royals" in her chart-topping single of 2013. But Dream Cruises is making it possible for guests to live the fantasy through the culinary arts. A Taste Of The Palace marks the latest instalment in the cruise line's gastronomic series dubbed Taste the Dream – Wine and Dine at Sea.

"Taste the Dream is our signature culinary program that redefines haute cuisine while blending the best of the East and the West," enthused Michael Goh, president of Dream Cruises. "The program, which debuted last year, features collaborations with top celebrity chefs, and has been well-received by our discerning guests."

Guests will indulge in regal gastronomy comprised of wine-pairing, enrichment talks, interactive workshops & more.

Meet The Chefs

Caterer to the stars, from Jackie Chan to top-ranking politicians, Family Li Imperial Cuisine was founded by the late Professor Li Shan Lin with a clear goal in mind: to preserve the The Forbidden City's recipes and cooking techniques.

His grandfather Li Zi Jia had toiled within the palace's very walls, presiding over the imperial kitchen during Empress Dowager Cixi's reign—hence the professor's deep appreciation of a dying cuisine.

After founding Family Li Imperial Cuisine in 1985, the professor passed on the torch to his son Chef Ivan Li, who will set sail with World Dream in October 2019.

Tatler Asia
Above Chef Ivan Li of Family Li Imperial Cuisine
Tatler Asia
Above The Forbidden Banquet was inspired by iconic dishes served in the Qing dynasty court.

The Forbidden Banquet by Chef Ivan Li is reserved for guests who board the 2- and 5-night cruises departing from Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

Taste Chinese history in dishes such as the Tofu of Jade, a green pea mash signifying Empress Cixi's love of jade, and the Leopard coral grouper confit, a fish dish lauded by Qing dynasty emperors.

Chef Li's 3 menus—Taste the Dream, Vintage Room and Vegetarian—vary slightly from vessel to vessel.

If Steam Egg with Snowfrog Oil and Bird's Nest with Pheasant Meat appealed to Empress Cixi, what then, did Princess Diana of Wales partake of in Great Britain? The Queen’s Feast by Chef Darren McGrady provides some clues to the question.

One of Diana's apparent favourites, tomato and dill mousse appeared on the royal table regularly—a low-fat version of the dish allowed her to keep her trim figure. The princess would also heap praise on the chef's signature bread and butter pudding, calling it "the best in the world."

Tatler Asia
Above Chef Darren McGrady, former British Royal Family chef
Tatler Asia
Above The Queen’s Feast will feature juniper-crusted venison, a favourite at the Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Chef Darren McGrady, who knew both Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace like the back of his hand, received the likes of Her Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh, and Presidents Bush, Clinton, Reagan and Ford while in service for fifteen years.

Those holidaying on Genting Dream and World Dream might be fortunate enough to meet the celebrity chef on certain dates (see schedule below), but rest be assured that his culinary offerings will be available through January 2020.

Vegetarian options are available for both The Queen’s Feast and The Forbidden Banquet.

Chef Schedules:

Chef Ivan Li will be on World Dream from October 13–20, 2019 and Genting Dream from November 17-19, 2019.

Chef Darren McGrady will be on Genting Dream from November 11-13, 2019 and World Dream from December 29, 2019–January 3, 2020.

Other Perks & Privileges

Bar City, a laid-back watering hole on both cruises, will be adding two alcoholic beverages to its menu in conjunction with A Taste Of The Palace: Crafted in the 1930s, Queen Elizabeth II's favourite tipple, The Dubonnet, contains the finest gin, citrus and a fortified wine called Dubonnet Rouge. Wine enthusiasts, on the other hand, will be partial to Chardonnay from Puligny-Montrachet, France, a wine region loved by Princess Diana.

A Taste Of The Palace also affords access to Dream Cruise Line's luxury ship-within-a-ship benefits. The Palace, a private section of the cruise, is outfitted with 140 suites and butler service while also hosting thematic shows and activities, from a British garden tea party to a Peking opera performance, and a fascinator workshop to a tribute concert to The Beatles.

Get a thorough overview of Dream Cruise Lines's A Taste Of The Palace campaign and view up-to-date menus and itineraries here.