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This unique dining experience at Flying Sauces—the world’s first fine-dining zipline experience—sees guests ziplining to their dining destination for an exclusive menu crafted by the Odette team

For travel-starved foodies, Maldives is the perfect getaway we currently dream of, especially with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters and underwater restaurants—what more can you ask for? 

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Well, how about a Michelin-starred meal on the island courtesy of Julien Royer? That’s right. The chef-owner of three-Michelin-starred restaurant Odette in Singapore has teamed up with Soneva Fushi for an exclusive 10-week culinary residency at Flying Sauces—dubbed the world’s first fine-dining zipline experience.

That means that from now until April 10, you will be able to partake in a thrilling meal that begins with diners taking a zipline through the Soneva forest. Hang tight because this one-hour journey (yes, it’s that long) will bring you to an elevated tower situated within the lush greenery. Located 12 metres above the ground, it offers a magnificent bird’s eye view of the island paradise.

This is where you will savour a gastronomic multi-course dinner menu, crafted by Royer and his team to celebrate the Maldives’ finest native ingredients. The exclusive dishes are whipped up by Odette’s chef de cuisine, Naka Xiong, who currently runs the kitchen.
Says Xiong: “This menu showcases the nostalgic Southeast Asian flavours that I’m familiar with. Surrounded by fresh produce from Maldivian waters and cooking among the lush treetops of Sovena is a dream come true for me.”

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Diners get to choose between a pescatarian and vegetarian menu. Standouts from the pescatarian menu include the Tuna Flower, a delectable dish of sustainably caught local tuna which is sliced and shaped into a rose and given a citrus kick with a sprinkle of yuzu kosho, and the basmati donabe. The rice bowl is composed of basmati rice accentuated with fragrant pomelo, sakura ebi, shallots and puffed wild rice.
As for the vegetarian menu, you have the Soneva Garden Salad, an assembly of freshly picked greens from Soneva’s own organic gardens or the Maldives. If these have got you craving for an exciting food holiday in paradise, then it's time to pack your bags for an exhilarating meal in the Maldives courtesy of Royer and his team. Book here.

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