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While Cantonese at heart, John Anthony pays tribute to forgotten flavours from regions along the Spice Routes

Tatler Says

Located in the expansive basement of Lee Garden Three, John Anthony is a contemporary Chinese restaurant launched by Maximal Concepts, the crew behind Mott 32. Heralded as an eco-conscious dining concept, John Anthony incorporates sustainable elements in every detail of the restaurant, from ethically sourced ingredients and zero-waste cocktails to menus made from recycled paper and biodegradable takeaway containers. Inspired by the East-meets-West influences of the Qing Dynasty, the dining space is separated into a tastefully designed lounge area, private dining rooms and cosy booths. The menu reflects bold flavours from regions along the Spice Routes, featuring dishes bursting with unusual yet complementary ingredients, such as the slow-cooked Australian wagyu beef cheek with watermelon and chilli sauce. The charcoal grill-roasted meats, from Iberico pork presa char siu to the 42-day roasted Peking duck, are also popular at the restaurant and notably preserve the essence of Chinese barbecue. The wine list is well categorised by intensity and flavour profile, coupled with a knowledgeable sommelier on hand to offer recommendations. 

What to order

  • The slow-cooked Australian wagyu beef cheek with watermelon and chilli sauce is an unexpected and delightful pairing that surprises the palate with complementary flavours.
  • The Australian wagyu beef char siu with shredded scallion sauce is tender and juicy, with just the right amount of charring on the crust.
  • The ginseng panna cotta has a creamy texture that resembles Cantonese steamed milk custard, which is balanced with a hint of ginseng.

Tatler Tip

Go for lunch to sample John Anthony’s handcrafted dim sum offerings such as black truffle siu mai and squid ink-infused steamed rice roll with soft shell crab.




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