Jigger & Pony

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Raffles Place
Mon – Sat 16:00-22:30
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House in the timeless space of a former art gallery, this sophisticated joint crafts in fruit cocktails to an exact science

Tatler Says

What to imbibe: Yuzu Whisky Sour, Corpse Reviver, Mark Pickford

Not one to be dazzled by new-fangled tricks and gimmickry, Jigger and Pony has been a fervent proponent of classic cocktails, bringing them back onto our radars ever since their doors opened in May 2012. Paying tribute to 19th century bar culture, when cocktail recipes were listed in “jiggers” and “ponies”, its namesake is the double-coned measuring tool used by bartenders to ensure they make accurate pours of spirits. And that just about encapsulates what this sophisticated joint does best. Their speciality is in fruit cocktails crafted to an exact science. Housed in a former art gallery, the interiors are timeless with a large communal table, booth seats, a long bar and vintage posters dotting the space. That said, they aren’t sticks in the mud. Jigger and Pony also has a list of inventive signatures comprising variations of the classics derived by the same principles that are the hallmark of old-school cocktail crafts.

"Carefully crafted classics and very boozy punch bowls." — Singapore Tatler Editors



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