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From tiny acorns great oaks grow, goes the saying—and chef Peggy Chan’s influential vegetarian restaurant is proof that big ideas have their roots in humble beginnings. While the Hollywood Road venue is miles away (both figuratively and literally) from the tiny original café in Sai Ying Pun, the philosophy remains the same: to promote and deliver wholesome, nutritious food that is ethical and good for the environment. The appendix at the back of the menu, which lists all the processes and ingredients the restaurant uses, is even longer than the summary of dishes themselves. Chan experiments constantly, turning plant-based ingredients into more than the sum of their parts—not every dish is a success, but the efforts regularly amount to largely innovative and tasty creations, such as the wildly addictive popcorn “chicken” made with crisped hedgehog mushrooms dusted in galangal powder and served with a dairy-free coconut kefir sour cream. The restaurant is open all day, and brunch is popular here, with plenty of diners showing up in activewear to nibble on vanilla chia seed waffles and sip on coffees that can be made with a large variety of plant-based milks. With such an attractive space, it’s easy to while away the day here.



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