It's no surprise that this new Korean cake trend has taken over bakeshops and Instagram feeds. It is, after all, just as good as it looks!

Since the lockdown in March, we've seen an uptrend in all things Korean. Suddenly, it wasn't just about Netflix K-dramas and Korean pop music anymore. New food trends from the country came freshly imported from our screens: dalgona coffee, for one, and then more recently, baked samgyup. These days, it's all about those cute minimalist cakes online. You've probably seen them floating around your Instagram feed — neatly iced, pastel-coloured cakes with a minimalist design that's somehow managed to be recognisable yet completely versatile. 

What's interesting about these cakes — which originated from South Korea way before Filipinos took notice of it in 2020 — is that they're so simple, but there's also so much a creative baker can do with it. Most of them only hold single layers, so there's not a lot of frivolities involved in creating them. Yet Korean (and now Filipino!) bakers have managed to design clean, eye-catching cakes with simple drawings, words, and buttercream flowers. On many levels, the process is just as much about the aesthetic as it is about the taste — which is why we're so curious about them today. 

If you're craving one of these creations (but can't fly out to South Korea just yet), then check out these local bakeries that are just as worthy of your attention!

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1. Cakes By Alyanna

Cakes by Alyanna has the cutest minimalist dedication cakes. Choose from a "pitch-black message" cake — which features black frosting contrasted by white icing letters — or a "light leak" design where a swathe of (customisable) ombre colours streak boldly through the top (of the cake). 

Don't forget to check out their custom character cakes too! Have them draw the people you want to celebrate — whether it be your friends, your family members, or even just an oppa you love. It'll be the perfect way to celebrate at home. 

2. Panic Baking

Put your message at the forefront of a celebration with cakes from Panic Baking! Though their specialities seem to lie in number or letter cakes (that come with meticulously crafted icing rosettes), it would be unfair to discount their more minimalist or abstract designs that are just as beautiful! 

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3. Aegyo Cakes

Aegyo masterfully recreates South Korean-style cakes in a plethora of designs. Although the trend is usually labelled as "minimalist", Aegyo puts no stops to what they can create. If you're looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, check them out. But hurry up — their slots are filling up fast, with their 6-inch cakes fully booked until December! In case you're looking for something to bring to your upcoming Christmas party (it is nearing the -ber months), give then a buzz — but do it soon. 

4. M&L Bakery

A cursory glance through M&L Bakery's portfolio will reveal sweetly made treats that are perfect for a celebration. Their pastel-coloured palette perfectly matches many of what people want (or have been looking for). Design a cake for yourself or a loved one with their minimalist designs that you can add colour to. For more, try asking them to add a few extra elements such as leaves, flowers, or even cartoon characters! It'll be a cake no one will soon forget. 

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5. Baked By Trimy

We can't stop smiling at this smiley cake. And if you're wondering: yup, other designs from Baked by Trimy are just as adorable. They even know how to ice Korean characters for a more authentic aesthetic. For those who are interested, you can also order a burger cake, a milk tea cake, or a Harry Potter-inspired birthday cake from them!

6. The Pink Butter

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Above Photo: The Pink Butter

Play with colour from The Pink Butter! Although this particular bakery is known for their more extravagant cakes — multiple-tiered fondant cakes or ones with amazing buttercream icing — they've also dipped their toes in more minimalist designs. Needless to say, they seem to have succeeded. Their ombre dedication cakes have garnered a lot of attention as of late and it's no wonder why. With contrasting yet eye-catching colours (and hand-piped buttercream messages), Pink Butter cakes have become a staple for every type of celebration. 

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7. Mae Cakes

Lunchbox cakes are a smaller version of these minimalist treats that Koreans usually place inside styrofoam packages. Just imagine opening it up to find something this from Mae Cakes. Isn't this one of the cutest ways to end a meal (or re-energise yourself after lunch)? 

8. Wadoughs

Wadough's adorable cakes are easily among the most interesting we've seen so far! Their creations have a casual flair that make them great for any occasion. We're particularly loving this baybayin script cake that's particularly attractive as something of a fusion between Korean design and Filipino style. 

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9. Sweet Eats PH

Less is truly more at Sweet Eats PH. Their adorable designs are simple yet eye-catching and come in a variety of vibrant colours and designs. The artworks they feature on their cakes also include drawings of people, flowers, and a rainbow of ombre colours — perfect for a (socially distant) party. 

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