The month-long promotion featuring specially curated dishes is the first in Raffles Hotel Singapore's new collaborative series with private dining chefs

Some of the best ways to experience the best of Singapore’s uniquely Southeast Asian culinary heritage is by securing a much sought-after seat at one of the island’s most popular private dinners. But if you love your local Peranakan cuisine, and in particular those by Tinoq Russel Goh and Dylan Chan of PasirPanjangBoy, that opportunity just a got a lot easier.

In celebration of the rich heritage of Southeast Asian cuisine, Raffles Courtyard is inviting guests to discover a new culinary collaborative series with the best private dining chefs in Singapore, which kicks off today with a month-long collaboration with the PasirPanjangBoy, featuring a curated selection of their signature Nyonya specialities.

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Above Ngoh hiang Image: Raffles Hotel Singapore

If you’ve ever wondered why their fans crave their ngoh hiang— that savoury roll of bean curd skin stuffed with minced meat, plump prawns and crunchy water chestnuts—this is your chance to find out. This delicacy is marinated with a secret home-made five-spice blend before being deep-fried, served with a piquant chilli chuka. It’s also an ideal snack if you’re hoping to take advantage of Raffles Courtyard’s Happy Hour promotion, available from 5pm to 8pm.

Of course, if you end up staying for dinner, the duo’s robust beef rendang is the aromatic, slow-cooked-until-fork-tender classic to look forward to. “Heritage food is based on the love and respect for people’s tradition and culture,” Goh shares, adding he loves the fact that such foods bring people together, “lift up our spirit and warms up our soul”.

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Above Beef rendang Image: Raffles Hotel Singapore

Always excited to share about their culinary passion, Goh and Chan will also be around to share the interesting stories behind these dishes, such as their luxuriously rich prawn noodle soup, made with a decadent stock of fried prawn heads and pork bones, that is only available on Wednesdays.

Goh affirmed the significance of being able to serve their heritage dishes at the historic Raffles Hotel. “At the same time, Raffles Courtyard being the venue that we will be serving our food, is a casual and relaxed social space which is exactly how we hope people will enjoy our food,” he adds. And while a private dinner experience is still the best way to savour the duo’s signature repertoire of dishes, the aforementioned selection, he asserts, are some of their favourites.

These specialities are offered alongside Raffles Courtyard’s own creations, complementing its menu of Southeast Asian small plates and authentic Singaporean delights. Available daily from 3pm to 9pm, starting from today until to April 11. The PasirPanjangBoy Bundle, comprising the trio of specialities, is available only on Wednesdays.

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Above Prawn noodle soup Image: Raffles Hotel Singapore

“What sparked the idea of the collaborations with private chefs was our goal to find a way to celebrate Singapore, its dynamic food culture, delivered through passion, authenticity and experience, but presented in the Raffles way that is unique and differentiated,” says Jesmine Hall, Raffles Hotel Singapore's director of marketing communications. 

“PasirPanjangBoy and Raffles Hotel Singapore has a long standing relationship. We have dined at Tinoq’s and Dylan’s many times and the selected signature dishes that we showcase at Raffles Courtyard, are not only representative of their heritage cuisine, but also very well-loved and goes perfectly with the beverage concept of Raffles Courtyard,” she adds.

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