Food on a stick: it's simple, easy to eat, and infinitely delicious. Discover some of the world's most favourite skewers today

Skewers: it's a simple yet delicious concept, a little low-tech but undeniably soulful. Skewers have been a useful culinary tool for many cultures across the globe. Today, we take a quick trip to some of our favourite destinations that offer the best of flavourful food served on a stick. 

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1. Philippines

We start off in the Philippines. Street food has always been a huge part of the local culture. Filipino street food is delicious and soulful, in a way that's also meaningful to everyone who's grown up on it. Some of our favourite skewers include isaw, or animal intestines, freshly grilled pork barbeque, and of course, banana cue, or caramelised bananas. Simple yet incredibly satisfying!

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2. Japan

Japanese food has a very special place in all our hearts. Take for instance, their yakitori, which is skewered meat or vegetables often marinated in soy sauce, mirin, sugar, and sake. The best part is, you don't have to go to a fancy restaurant in Japan to get delicious yakitori, as even their convenience stores serve mouthwatering versions. Another skewer we love is kushikatsu, which is deep-fried skewered meat or vegetables, covered in panko, or crunchy breadcrumbs. 

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3. Taiwan

Taiwan is famous for its street food. Night markets all around Taipei and other cities have drawn flocks of international tourists. One famous, albeit eccentric, street food on a stick is pig's blood cake. It's exactly what they say it is: sticky rice drenched in pig's blood and steamed. It's then dipped in a pork soy broth and rolled around in peanut flour, topped with cilantro. It's definitely a strange mix, but one that's proven popular with locals and tourists alike! 

4. China

Adventurous eaters love to flock to Chinese street food stalls, but only the bravest are likely to finish what they buy. Introducing: skewered scorpions, a local delicacy in China, that's also a traditional snack. Other street food stalls also have insects on display, from skewered silkworms to cricket kebab. It's an interesting adventure in gastronomy, that's sure to be a must-try for the ballsy eater. 

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5. Malaysia and Indonesia

Satay is a beloved dish in Malaysia as well as Indonesia. It resembles a kebab but utilises flavours that are adapted to the local palate. Chicken, beef, mutton, or pork are often seasoned in spices and then grilled over a charcoal fire. When done, the meat comes out well-browned and slightly charred. Satay is often served with plenty of sauces, most popularly with a sweet and spicy peanut sauce made or kecap manis.

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6. Thailand

In Thailand, pla muek yang or grilled squid is a street food staple. It's seasoned with turmeric to give it that signature yellowish hue. Add in garlic, pepper, and salt, and you've got the perfect recipe for a savoury snack to enjoy by the Thai coastline.

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7. Turkey

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Kebab, though Turkish, have a huge following around the world. It's delicious, it's savoury, it's served on a stick and so easy to eat. The key to delicious kebab often lies in the types of seasoning or marinade used in the recipe. Ingredients involved can range from olive oil, lemon juice, onion, garlic, cumin, paprika, and more. The meat most often used is lamb or beef although there are plenty of other variations per region and it's traditionally, it's served with pita bread and yogurt.

8. Greek

Souvlaki is among the most popular of Greek dishes. It's fairly distinctive and is made of cubes of meat—usually pork, chicken, lamb, or beef—skewered and grilled. It can sometimes be cooked alongside skewered vegetables as well. Now, this popular (and historic) dish is served in most cities around the country, on beaches, in restaurants, and in various street corners. Best paired with pita bread, tomatoes, and yoghurt.

9. Peru

Anticucho is a traditional Peruvian dish made from grilled meat and seafood. Today, the most popular choice of meat used is beef heart, though, in the past, llama meat was also used. These are often marinated in red wine vinegar and spices so that after it's roasted, it gives off a fruity, sweet flavour that complements the smokiness of the meat. Often served with corn or potatoes, anticucho has become a popular and easy dish around South America.

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