As Malaysians become more aware of the negative impact a plastic straw can have on the environment, more and more restaurants, cafes and bar have started to offer sustainable alternatives. The Tak Nak Straw movement, which is also an organisation that actively promotes and champions the cause against using plastic straws, has gained so much traction that eateries are starting to take note and go green. These are seven places that have taken the leap.

1. The Ganga Cafe

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Above Photo: Courtesy of The Ganga Cafe

This vegetarian Bangsar establishment recently switched up their use of plastic straws for metal ones, which are available upon request. The eatery focuses on serving up delicious and wholesome Indian cuisine, with dishes like mushroom curry and vegetarian murtabak that doesn't skimp on flavour. If you haven't tried the restaurant yet, head over to their Facebook page for the full breakdown.

2. The Black Cat Cafe

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Above Photo: Courtesy of The Black Cat Cafe

A vegetarian/vegan cafe advocating healthy eating over at Viva Residence, KL, recently also joined the cause. Open from Monday to Saturday, the cafe manages to dish out interesting eats like vegan nasi lemak pizza, vegan quiche and a good number of cakes and pastries. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

3. Ra-Ft Cafe/Bistro

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Ra-Ft Cafe/Bistro

Placing an emphasis on serving good coffee and hearty Italian eats, Ra-Ft is the latest eatery to join the 'no plastic straw' movement. With two outlets, one at Binjai 8 and one at Mont Kiara, diners can expect quality cafe food with an Italian twist. Visit their official website for more information.

4. Lucky Bo

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Lucky Bo

Those familiar with Lucky Bo will know that the restaurant has been dishing out food that shines a light on wagyu and comfort eats. Who says you can't be a carnivore and save the environment? Lucky Bo joins a number of growing restaurants swapping plastic for metal when it comes to their beverage service. And that includes their tuak infused cocktails as well.

5. VCR

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This popular cafe has committed to the cause and now counts themselves as one of the increasing number of places refusing to contribute to global waste. Well known for breakfast and brunch, the cafe has two outlets, one in Bangsar and the other in downtown KL.

6. The Enclave Gastrobars

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