Chocolate eggs are no longer plain and, well, basic. Level up your Easter game with these artisanal chocolates from some of the best chocolatiers in Singapore

With Easter just two weeks away, it’s the perfect time to splurge on some really gorgeous chocolates. Gone are the days of boring and traditional chocolate eggs. Today, chocolatiers are getting more and more creative with their edible creations. From creatively imagined easter eggs to DIY kits, there’s an artisanal Easter chocolate out there for everyone. Read on to find the best places to get them.

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1. Janice Wong

Local patisserie goddess, Janice Wong, is well-known in the dessert world for her creative creations that are consistently pushing the limits of dessert making. With her artisanal chocolates and dessert bar, 2am:dessertbar, Janice has certainly made a name for herself. This year, Janice Wong has released three unique creations for Easter. If you are a fan of hot chocolate, you can opt for her Easter egg hot chocolate cup which features a double-walled glass cup that contains a chocolate egg and marshmallows. All you have to do is add hot water or milk and you can enjoy a comforting cup of chocolate goodness. If you enjoy do-it-yourself kits, treat yourself to Janice Wong’s Easter egg painting set. Featuring one extra large dark chocolate egg and five jars of edible paint, this set makes a fun and tasty family activity for the long weekend.

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Raffles Hotel Chocolate Egg
Above A dark chocolate egg filled with mini chocolate eggs (Photo: Raffles Hotel)

2. Raffles Hotel

Celebrate Easter in style this year with Raffles Hotel’s unique chocolate creations from Raffles ‘Grab and Go’. Available from March 22 to April 4, their Easter special features Easter chocolates made with premium Valrhona chocolates. For something special, indulge in their beautifully designed chocolate eggs that come in dark, milk, or white chocolate. You can enjoy this egg on its own or with the mini hazelnut Feuilletine chocolate eggs which are encased inside the egg. For something a bit more unique, you can opt for their brightly coloured Easter Bunny crafted with premium Valrhona chocolate by executive pastry chef Tai Chien Lin.

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Pan Pacific Singapore Beehive Egg (IMAGE: Pan Pacific Singapore)
Above Pan Pacific Singapore Beehive Egg (IMAGE: Pan Pacific Singapore)

3. Pan Pacific Singapore

This year, Pan Pacific Singapore has launched six special Easter-themed edible items with the highlight being their creatively imagined Easter eggs. For a whimsical take on the classic egg, opt for their large chocolate beehive egg which is made with dark, milk and almond chocolate. It features a smattering of chocolate bees and vines to make it the perfect gift for just about anyone. If you're looking for unique flavours, you can opt for their citrus raspberry matcha in egg which is made of raspberry compote, lemon mousse, matcha sponge, lemon cream and a nutty base. The egg is a beautiful pink with a delicate rabbit silhouette cut out of it which makes it very unique.

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4. Anjalichocolat

Anjalichocolat is an artisan chocolatier that specialises in luxury handmade chocolates with unique flavours such as earl grey tea, mango lime and star anise. Her creations are also beautiful and innovative. For Easter this year, Anjalichocolat has created a wide range of beautifully painted chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies. For an Instagrammable and delicious experience, opt for her Easter eggs that are hand decorated with vibrant splashes of colours and contain three mini eggs inside. You can also choose the type of chocolate you want your egg to be. For something more traditional, try their Belgian chocolate Easter bunnies. These large chocolate pieces come in different flavours and are the perfect addition to any Easter celebration.  

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5. Venchi Chocolate

If you love a classic mini egg but are looking for a slightly elevated experience, Venchi Chocolate has got you covered. Consider trying their mini eggs that come in flavours such as tiramisu, pistachio, and more. Their eggs, though tiny, are also beautifully designed with lovely contrasts between dark and light colours. If you want something bigger, you can try their dark chocolate gourmet egg with hazelnuts.

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6. Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

Luxury French chocolatier, Laurent Bernard, arguably makes some of the best chocolate creations on the island. With their customisable chocolates and various options, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for here. This year, Laurent Bernard has gone all out with nine luxurious and unique creations. If you are looking for an extra special gift, you can opt for their Chicken Benedicte which is a large chocolate hen sitting in a chocolate basket and wrapped with a ribbon. You can choose if you want your hen to be in dark or milk chocolate and add on other gifts such as champagne or flowers to make your gift really special. If you’re looking for something smaller, go for their Carrot box which features a smaller selection of chocolate eggs and rabbits packaged neatly in a carrot-shaped box.

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7. Godiva

Godiva is well-known for its delectable ice creams and truffles. If you’re looking for a unique gift for an Easter party, head over to one of their outlets this year. Opt for the brand's Spring chocolate beaded egg-shaped gift box which features 15 mini chocolate eggs encased in a larger, keepsake Easter egg decorated with sparkly beads and sequins to form a colourful outer shell. If you’d like something more subtle, you can go for their Spring chocolate bunny-shaped gift box which has seven Easter-themed chocolates in a beautiful, bunny-shaped tin box.

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Origin + Bloom
Above Origin + Bloom's Storefront (Photo: Marina Bay Sands)

8. Origin + Bloom

Marina Bay Sands’ signature pâtisserie Origin + Bloom will be offering five exclusive chocolate creations led by executive pastry chef Antonio Benites. Choose from pieces such as the carrot and bunny showpiece, rooster farm, or a half-dozen mini chocolate eggs presented in an egg tray. These gorgeous and delicious pieces are sure to thrill any chocolate lover. In addition to these special chocolates, Origin + Bloom will also be featuring special Easter pastries and ice cream flavours so make sure you check them out.

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