Hong Kong's dining scene is part of what makes this city so special—but with dwindling customers and uncertainty looming in 2020, the culinary landscape is changing dramatically. Here are some ways to help preserve what we have

Support Restaurants Through United We Dine

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Photo: Inga Beckmann
Above Photo: Inga Beckmann

United We Dine is a new campaign by Tatler Dining, organised and supported by fellow media and industry professionals who share the same vision: to get people dining in restaurants again. From March 16 until April 30, 2020, diners can enjoy exclusive menus and other perks while dining at participating venues, and have the chance to enter a luxury prize giveaway at the end of the campaign. With more than 120 restaurants taking part—and more being added each day—there are plenty of choices for you to support. 

Important note: As Hong Kong experiences a rapidly changing situation in regards to imported cases of COVID-19, we encourage everyone in Hong Kong to remain vigilant, to exercise caution when moving around the city, and to avoid dining out if they are feeling unwell, have recently travelled back to Hong Kong from overseas, or have been in contact with confirmed or suspected cases of the virus.

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Spend In Creative Ways

Seek out alternative ways to help your favourite restaurants continue doing business—see if they offer delivery or pick-up services, or if they have online shops where you can purchase merchandise or gift certificates for a future visit. If a restaurant also sells food products, why not use the opportunity to stock up your pantry? Every transaction is an act of support.

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Use Your Voice

Use your social media platforms and networks to spread awareness of what’s happening. Tag your favourite restaurants, telling the world why they are amazing and how they can be supported. Share news of any initiatives that are running, promote positive messages, and continue the conversation around what can be done to help.

Tip Your Servers, Generously

Every little helps, even if you dine out less frequently. The hospitality industry cannot work from home like many of us, and every day that staff show up is a contribution to keeping our society running and well fed.

Engage In Positivity

It’s time to write those glowing reviews you’ve been putting off forever. While the focus now is to try to give as much monetary support as possible so restaurants can continue to operate and pay their staff, in the long run a genuine review will help attract customers and tourists back once the worst of the situation is over. The same goes for liking and sharing restaurants’ social media posts.

Reach Out And Lend A Hand

Send your favourite restaurants an encouraging message and, if you are in a position to, volunteer in a way that can help the business—are you a keen photographer? A social media maven? Some of the smaller independent businesses may appreciate the extra assistance.

Stay Informed And Healthy

Do not engage in scaremongering. Consume news sensibly, practice good hygiene (wash your hands!), and do your part to prevent further outbreaks—that means not dining out when you are feeling unwell, have been around sick persons, or have recently travelled back from overseas. We have seen temporary closures of businesses based on suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 among visitors or staff, and this is a risk that is costly especially for smaller businesses—think before you go out.

Rally The Decision Makers

Support petitions and initiatives calling for greater measures to support the industry through these challenging times, such as this one calling for the Hong Kong government to lend support to the hospitality sector.

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