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Tsim Sha Tsui
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Tatler Asia
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Mon – Sun 12:00-15:00

Beautifully constructed flavours and truly impeccable, devoted service — the epitome of French finesse — in a quiet corner of Harbour City

Tatler Says

Beautifully constructed flavours and plating, plus truly impeccable service—it’s the epitome of French finesse in a quiet corner of Harbour City. Heavy doors separate the lounge from the dining room of warm golds with circular banquettes, featuring murals of green, serene, sylvan imagery. Devoted servers display their genial familiarity with the eight-course Signature Tasting Menu, which includes the popular Paris mushroom soup, chef Nicolas Boutin’s unctuous, earthy concentrate of mushroom. Cévennes onion with black truffle is a work of art; each leaf is individually slow-baked to retain its hints of honey, then layered with thin truffle slices and masterfully built back into half a bulb. Pleasantly surprising Asian elements such as chewy green ginkgo, lotus leaves and yuzu sauerkraut are adeptly interspersed in the courses. Do try Épure’s enamoured approach to wine pairing, with expert selections and a charming dismantling of the predictable whites-to-reds order. A smaller Seasonal Tasting Menu of six courses is also available, as well as succinct signatures and seasonal dishes from the á la carte menu.

What to order

  • Paris Mushroom Soup – A popular fan favourite, Chef Boutin’s unctuous concoction of pure, unadulterated earthy umami condensed from white button mushrooms.
  • Cévennes onion, black truffle – Thin layers of truffle on each leaf of sweet French onion, masterfully reconstructed into half of a jewelled bulb.
  • Vol-au-vent – A consummate French classic of buttery, ethereal puff pastry filled with seasonal seafood in a rich lobster and langoustine bisque.

Tatler Tip

Do go for their unique, enamoured approach to wine pairing, adeptly chosen and charmingly dismantling the usual, predictable order of whites to reds.