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Kuala Lumpur Sentral
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Mon 06:30-10:30
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Half of the joy of eating at Entier is looking at the food; they have the best plating skills in KL

Tatler Says

"Half of the joy of eating at Entier is simply looking at the food," a regular once told us. "They definitely have the best plating in KL." We couldn’t agree more. But every second spent admiring Chef Masashi Horiuchi’s cooking is time wasted not eating it. So dig in: there’s perfectly pan-seared chicken with prawn ravioli at lunch, whole Maine lobster with fresh chestnuts and fermented coffee during dinner, and dark chocolate desserts at all times; on this last note, the rich soufflé does Chocolate Concierge's exceptional cacao justice.

If we had to award an individual dish for ingenuity, however, it would be the Josper-grilled white sweet corn. A bit of a trompe l'oeil, the vegetable dish resembles corn on the cob, but pull back the leafy green husks and you'll discover individual kernels of corn swimming in truffle butter and parmesan cheese. Give it a good squeeze of lime juice and dig in.



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