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Alcoholic brews have not only withstood the test of time, but have evolved alongside mankind, reflecting the needs and desires of each passing generation. Our deep affinity with such beverages stem not just from tasting notes, but the experience and emotions associated with every sip. From The Old Man’s literary touch to Tippling Club’s infusion of fine art, these revolutionary watering holes explore beyond the tangible and open up thrilling new facets to the art of drinking. 

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1. The Old Man

The Old Man writes a love letter to Ernest Hemingway, its admiration and wonder of the literary giant woven into the seams of a timeless interior and nostalgic “V3” menu. Distilled in each pour are fragments of the legendary author’s vibrant yet tragic life experiences, as well as the immense passion he felt towards his paramour. Inviting the spirit of Hemingway’s ingenuity, the cocktails here are brazenly experimental, combining culinary accoutrements and science to produce drinks that command any table they are laid upon.

Harkening back to Hemingway’s formative years as a Red Cross driver during WWI is the #1917—Monkey Shoulder Whisky infused with cheese wax, hydrated sous vide fungi and honey brine for a well-rounded umami-rich libation, with earthy undertones recalling a weathered veteran’s wartime battles. As for the #1944, Hemingway’s fourth and final wife, Mary Welsh is the muse. A juniper-based creation made of Stranger & Sons Gin, roasted solanum melongena and zesty citrus channels the exhilaration of a bittersweet love affair. Book here.

The Old Man | 55 Keong Saik Rd., 01-04, S(089158) | 6909 5505

2. Andaz Singapore

Class and culture meet in a heart-warming embrace in Andaz Singapore’s first-ever Mahjong & Champagne Experience. Whether you’re a greenie, casual player or an avid old-timer, there’s joy to be found here for everyone. Granted a 6-hour access to the glamorous Andaz Large Suite, guests will be taken under the wing of a mahjong master and undergo a crash course into the world of Singapore-style mahjong. The highlight? Sipping from a bottle of Delamotte Champagne and snacking on a platter of savouries and sweets while admiring Singapore’s skyline through floor-to-ceiling windows. Book here.

Andaz Singapore |  5 Fraser St, S(189354) | 6408 1234

3. Tippling Club

While Tippling Club’s Volume I took a trip back into the past, presenting drinks through the lens of classic French dishes of culinary legend Auguste Escoffier, “A Guide to Modern Drinking, Volume II” spearheads and expedition into the modern era, where art and aesthetics reign supreme. The vintage menu is a veritable masterpiece in and of itself, translating into a drinkable experience in the form of its gorgeously presented cocktails.

Dive into the savoury and herbaceous Ciphers & Constellations—Joan Miró’s renowned painting brought into consumable existence with dill, calvados, Sudachi lime, champagne and sherbet, or sip on the surreal Living Still Life, a nod to Dali’s fascination with the ‘atom’ with vermouth, plum blossom, coconut, rambutan, sugar cane. Book here.


Tippling Club

Tanjong Pagar
$ $ $ $

4. Jigger & Pony

The newly launched menu at award-winning cocktail bar Jigger & Pony seeks to rebuild bridges over the social chasm inflicted by the pandemic, and create a haven for people to find comfort in human connection. Simple and elegant, A Decent Menu unveils a refined lineup for those itching for a really good drink that hits the spot. Featuring a generous selection of over 20 cocktails, the menu has something for all, ranging from redefined classics and signature tipples to communal concoctions.

One of the menuzine’s staples is the Old Fashioned, a timeless evolution of the bar’s signature cocktail. The cheerful concoction consists of a slice of orange, lemon, lime and cherry. Seasonally, the citrus wheel will feature grapefruit, kumquat, blood orange or even makrut lime. Another comeback classic is Supermojito, a mojito with distilled lime juice and a clear block of ice to replace the original cloudy crushed version. For a refreshing finish, the drink fills your mouth with sweet and cologne mint. Book here.

5. Club Street Wine Room

Fans of Cure Concepts, have always valued its honest and warm approach to innovative fine dining. Club Street Wine Room, the first wine bar and newest member of the joint venture between Cure, Butcher Boy and Catfish, provides a laidback and unpretentious foray into the world of wines, accompanied by high-quality food. Dismissing traditionally formal and intimidating wine outlets, the bar has been designed as an all-inclusive space, beckoning imbibers to drop in any time for a sip.

Traditionalists, fans of natural wines and adventurous tipplers alike will relish Club Street’s constantly changing menu, that is founded on the basis of evolution and adaptation. Look forward to wines that are stylistically intriguing and taken straight from off-the-beaten tracks, such as the Sea Soul No. 4, a sea-aged wine – part of an emerging trend which sees bottles submerged underwater for months at a time to aid fermentation and enhance taste. 

Club Street Wine Room | 87 Club Street, S(069455) | Call 6970 0190 for reservations

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