Cover A confectioner making stove-top Dalgona sugar candy.

Named for its resemblance to the nostalgic Korean candy known as Dalgona or Ppopgi, Dalgona coffee has TikTok to thank for going viral Thumbnail image: IG @saishasays

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Aesthetically pleasing and incredibly easy to prepare, Dalgona coffee carries the same appeal as other 'fluffy' foods such as cotton candy and fuwa fuwa pancakes. The beauty of this beverage is that everybody already has the necessary ingredients in their pantry.

All you need are equal parts instant coffee, sugar and cold water, not to mention ample elbow grease.

TATLER TIP: Multiple sources have stated that decreasing the amount of water ever so slightly cuts down on whisking time.

Once you've mastered the classic Dalgona coffee, why not put your own personal spin on the drink? We've seen Malaysians create various homages, from a matcha-coffee 'cham' by Jordan Lim of Wholly Spirits to single-origin chocolate Dalgona foam whipped up by Ong Ning-Geng of Chocolate Concierge. Trust us when we say it won't be long until bars begin to serve Dalgona coffee cocktails!

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