Retro never grows old, as evidenced by Veuve Cliquot's recently launched collection

Some 60 years ago, Lou Ottens, an engineer at Phillips, created the cassette tape in Belgium. For many, this pocket-sized contraption became their first means of making musical memories. 

Our wines must be flattering both on the palate and on the eye.

Tapping into this sense of nostalgia, Veuve Cliquot has modelled its Clicquot Tape series on audio cassettes, complete with spools of polyester tape and pressure pads. Exhibiting incredible attention to detail, the six cases with different designs—from a retro sunset to zebra stripes—are also 100 per cent biodegradable. 

Throwback: Veuve Cliquot's Carnival Champagne Party

A historical figure in the world of wine, Madame Clicquot inherited her husband's business at the age of 27 and presided over the prestigious Maison for six decades. It was the Grande Dame of Champagne whose long-lasting vision inspired the Clicquot Tape series. She is famously remembered for quoting:

Our wines must be flattering both on the palate and on the eye.

TATLER TIP: Personalise your Clicquot Tape acquisition by choosing from 300 fixed messages or type out your own.

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