Buying coffee beans can be daunting, whether you're an eager novice or a professional home brewer. We're here to help by rounding up the best local coffee roasters with online retail options

1. Arkib Kopi

Coffee roasting is a highly refined craft few can claim to master, and the elusive Quality Graders (Q Grader) is one of the respected few. Headed by Helmi, who also happens to be Arkib Kopi's head roaster, is accredited by the international Coffee Quality Institute (CQI). When browsing for coffee beans online, Arkib Kopi advises to "select based on origin" as each coffee-producing region has its own character, such as chocolatey notes for beans hailing from Brazil and floral notes for beans from Ethiopia and Yemen.

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2. Artisan Roastery

A decade's worth of experience has equipped Artisan Roastery with enough business acumen to run four cafes at once. Senior staff members also graciously provide training to aspiring baristas. Check out Artisan Roastery's website for their weekly rotating 'Roaster's Pick' and allow their inspiring team members to convert you into a coffee believer.


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3. House of Kendal

Named after the founder's ancestors who hail from Kendal, Semarang in Indonesia, House of Kendal is one of the few roasters to offer the infamous and coveted Kopi Luwak or civet coffee. Their civet cats roam freely in the wild, which means only 15kg of the prized coffee can be procured every year. Alternatively, coffee enthusiasts can sample their other signature products, including the Liberica 'Bagan Ningret' grown locally in Batu Pahat, and the 'Itamanis blend', a masterful mix of Liberica and Arabica.

Another plus to supporting House of Kendal is helping local farmers; the coffee roasters resurrect abandoned Liberica farms and conduct research to ensure their beans are of the highest quality.


4. The Roast Things

No matter which beans you order from The Roast Things, be rest assured that they possess high flavour clarity and practice transparency. The Roast Things offers an impressive variety of coffee beans, but shines the spotlight on their award-winning blend, Cream. In 2018, the special concoction surpassed 150 other competitors and nabbed the championship at the Australian International Coffee Awards. As you are undeniably in good hands, why not save yourself the hassle and allow The Roast Things to curate your monthly coffee supply through a subscription package?


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5. 43 Coffee

Tucked away in the charming neighbourhood of Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 43 Coffee roasts coffee in small batches, as is typical of micro roasters. As such, customers can expect freshly roasted coffee at their doorstep with every order. Take 10 per cent off on your next purchase using their latest promotion—there is little reason to not give them a try.


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