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Don’t miss out on The Tatler Bar’s curated list of sublime spirits that are on offer this month

Whether you are looking for a celebratory bottle of champagne or a well-balanced sake, The Tatler Bar is the destination to check out some of the world's finest and most luxurious spirits. For 9.9, The Tatler Bar is offering special deals on our curated list of sublime spirits. Hurry though, as promotion ends on September 12. From bubbles to malts, here are some highlights of this month’s 9.9 deals.

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Dom Perignon Vintage 2010

Start off any occasion the right way with a bottle of bubbles. Known for its fresh acidity and minerality, the Dom Perignon Vintage 2010 is layered with aromas of crisp apple, pineapple, and stone. It’s a full-bodied and dry champagne, with notes of tropical fruits and citrus, combined to give off a refreshing character and a lively finish. This bubbly keeps its sweetness in check, using grapes which retained a high level of acidity.


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Louis Roederer Collection 242 Brut MV

Filled with balance, complexity and freshness, this champagne is a medley of 42% chardonnay, 36% pinot noir and 22% pinot meunier. This champagne teases apple, candied citrus and almond flavours, following a toasty aroma. It’s a medium to full bodied champagne, embracing the palate with sweet, pure and concentrated liqueur flavours, leaving a lingering saline impression. Extremely rich and creamy on the palate while remaining light and fresh before an intense and flavourful finish. 


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Kokuryu Crystal Dragon Daiginjo

This well-balanced sake has a unique dryness in each sip, giving off gentle flavours of honey and tea. Made from locally grown rice and polished to 50 per cent of the rice grain, this sake expresses its ginjo identity through its clean taste. This elegant sake has a nose filled with hints of blackberries, tropical flowers, Red Vines and lemon. It finishes crisp, subtly vanishing from the palate. 


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Kokuryu Daiginjo Ryu

A Daiginjo-grade sake from Fukui, the Kokuryu Daiginjo Ryu is smooth on the palate, with scents of pineapple, koji rice, taffy, and white flower blossoms. Bringing French wine maturation techniques to sake-brewing, Ryu is well-rounded, aromatic and incisive. This sake has a deep flavour, as it combines the robust Kokuryu brewing style and the soft water of Fukui. It’s layered with flirty tones, ending off with a dry and spicy finish.  


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The Glendronach 15 Year Old Revival

Aged in a combination of Oloroso sherry and Pedro Ximenez casks, expect flavours of honey, black cherry and muscovado from this malt—it is no surprise that it was awarded a Silver Medal at the 2009 Malt Maniacs Awards. This malt has a caramel and smoky nose, with bursts of cherry, orange bitters and walnut liqueur. Taste-wise, it is rich, dark and sticky on the palate, with a long and memorably sweet finish.


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