Jigger & Pony’s co-founder Indra Kantono and bar manager Aki Eguchi share their inspiration behind the Gen T concoctions.

Bar manager Aki Eguchi

There’s no better way to get the Generation T party started than with some delicious cocktails. And when you've got the folks behind Jigger & Pony (ranked number 21 on Asia’s Best Bars 2017) looking out for you, it's safe to expect nothing less than ordinary.

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Bar manager Aki Eguchi prepared three new whisky-based cocktails for  the night—the Pear Whisky Sour with a 12YO, Chocolate Negroni with a 15YO and The 18 with an 18YO. “I used Glenfiddich’s premium whiskies as base and came up with unique flavours for each expression," he explains. "For example, the Glenfiddich 12YO has a pear flavour, so I enhanced that and created a whisky sour.”

Founders of Jigger & Pony Gan Guoyi andIndra Kantono

His inspiration, of course, was the Generation T listers—Singapore’s next generation of movers and shakers. The prestigious list includes the founders of Jigger & Pony, Indra Kantono and Gan Guoyi, who were honoured for helping transform Singapore’s diverse cocktail scene into one of the best in the world.

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With this new badge, Kantono says, “It’s an honour to be part of the Gen T list along with the most creative and innovative people in Singapore. We are a group of people who don’t always do things the conventional way, and it’s great to be recognised for that.”

How To Make Your Own GenTipples

Making these cocktails at home is as easy as following these simple recipes:

Whisky Pear Sour

What you need:
45ml Glenfiddich 12YO
20ml Lemon juice
20ml Egg white 
10ml Eau de vie de poire
15ml Sugar syrup

How to prepare it:
1. Shake all with ice and serve in a double rocks glass over ice.
2. Garnish with pear slices and thyme.

Chocolate Negroni

What you need:
30ml Glenfiddich 15YO
20ml Chocolate Campari 
20ml Sweet Vermouth 

How to prepare it:
1.  Combine whisky, Chocolate Campari and Sweet Vermouth.
2.  Pour into a rock glass with large ice cube and stir well.
3.  Garnish with lightly torched cinnamon stick.

The 18

What you need:
90ml Carbonated clarified Granny Smith apple juice (or simply clear apple juice)
30ml Glenfiddich 18YO
5ml Fermented banana syrup
2 dashes of cardamon butters

How to prepare it:
1.  Pour everything into a rock glass with ice cubes and stir lightly.
2.  Garnish with Granny Smith apple and mint.

Tatler Tip: Fancy creating your own cocktail? Well, to make the perfect cocktail, Aki Eguchi says you must first have a good understanding of the base spirits before you tackle ingredients with specific flavours. “My perfect cocktail will be one where there is nothing to add, replace or remove from the cocktail.”   

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