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For its grand finale, The Macallan's Edition Series pays tribute to the legendary river Spey, from which pours the revered brand's exceptional whiskies... ever since 1824.

The Macallan has recently unveiled its latest offering, the Edition No. 6, to the Filipino market through a private dinner via Zoom. This blend celebrates the natural wonders of the revered brand's estate and the vibrant life force that sustains it—the River Spey in northeast Scotland.

The new limited-edition single malt whisky marks the sixth and final instalment to the Edition series that debuted in 2016. For this offering, The Macallan tells the story of The Macallan estate where whisky making, agriculture, and nature all live in total harmony. Edition No. 6 brings together The Macallan's Ghillie, named Robert Mitchell, a man guards the estate's stretch of the River Spey; Hardy, the world's most renowned fly-fishing brand; and the Atlantic Salmon Trust, which has over 50 years of experience in salmon conservation.

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The Macallan Estate lies on the banks of the River Spey, one of Scotland’s most legendary rivers which is home to the mighty Atlantic salmon. A day on this river, with its pure water, stunning wild landscape, and calmness is a once in a lifetime experience.

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"A day on the River Spey is supremely special," says Mitchell, The Macallan's Ghillie. "You feel that you are escaping from everything and truly connecting with nature and with our Distillery completing this stunning landscape, there is no other place in the world capable of drawing so many wonders together. We are proud custodians of our one-and-three-quarter mile stretch of the River Spey and advocate for sustainability of the wildlife in and around it and so all fishing at The Macallan is catch and release."


For Edition No. 6, The Macallan whisky maker Steven Bremner was inspired by the remarkable experience offered by the Spey and chose five cask styles that embody unique stories related to the river and its unparalleled natural landscape.

Crafted from a combination of American and European oak sherry seasoned casks, Edition No.6 captures the River Spey’s energy with the American casks from Tevasa; the warm, welcoming personality of The Macallan’s Ghillie with the European casks from José Miguel Martin; the classic craftsmanship of Hardy with the European casks from Tevasa; the extraordinary life of the Atlantic salmon on the beat through second fill mixes of European and American casks; and the mastery of whisky making on The Macallan Estate with the American casks from Vasyma.

The result is a multifaceted blend with diverse aromas of fresh fruits, nutmeg and toffee merged with oak and flavours of ripe plum, vibrant sweet oranges and cinnamon, developing a spicy, fresh, fruity and creamy mouthful with chocolate and toasted oats at the finish.

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"From its early days of whisky making almost 200 years ago, The Macallan has been strongly inspired by and intrinsically connected to nature," Bremner said. "It is the force that flows through everything we do at The Macallan and our whisky is enriched by its powerful presence. Edition No.6 is inspired by the natural world surrounding our distillery, which has so much to offer and enjoy, in particular the River Spey, which is so vibrant, and full of energy."

Bremner finds the Edition No. 6 as a fitting conclusion to the series. Its colour of antique brass, the whisky maker said, was derived from the exceptional oak casks' richness of flavour and refined structure and depth.

To protect the magical sense of the Spey that lies at the heart of Edition No.6, The Macallan has launched a new charitable partnership with The Atlantic Salmon Trust to help to conserve the at-risk fish, whose numbers have declined so rapidly in recent years.

The Atlantic Salmon Trust is protecting wild salmon and sea trout wherever they roam, especially in places like the River Spey, by tracking their migration across thousands of kilometres from their dominion to the open oceans. As a guardian of one of the last sanctuaries of Scottish salmon, The Macallan is supporting The Trust’s vital conservation work on the River Spey and beyond.

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Just recently, The Macallan's brand advocate Hans Eckstein hosted a private party with select guests and members of the press via Zoom to do a short tasting experience of Edition No. 6. Paired with cheeses and cold cuts as well as a generous serving of caviar pie, the whisky tasting experience was a lovely experience despite the limitations brought upon by the ongoing pandemic.


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