The last time something of this calibre went on auction, it sold for 1 million pounds

Meet The Dalmore Decades: a six-bottle collection of ultra-rare blends spanning six decades. Demonstrating the craftsmanship of The Dalmore’s whisky, each decanter in this set tells its owner the story of this revered house and their relentless pursuit of excellence. The No. 6 Collection—will be auctioned off by Sotheby’s in Hong Kong this October 2021 where only one person will be able to own it. To make the lot even more special, a significant percentage of the sale will be donated to Scotland’s design museum and the first V&A Museum outside of London, V&A Dundee.

In fact, The Dalmore recently unveiled its long-term commitment to the arts with its four-year partnership with V&A Dundee. In a world-first collaboration, The Dalmore is working with Scotland’s design museum to champion and nurture creative talent, further underscoring its dedication to artistry.

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During a private Zoom event to reveal The Dalmore Decades, the brand’s master distiller Richard Paterson (who has been on a mission over the last 50 years to push the boundaries in whisky production) spoke emphatically about The Dalmore Decades.

“Over the past 50 years, I have kept a watchful eye over our superlative inventory of rare whiskies, giving them the guidance to mature and reach their full potential in the finest casks sourced from around the world. Each bottle marks a very special milestone in the brand’s history and has a unique story to tell, which I hope the lucky collector will enjoy with those closest to them – if the last year has taught us anything, it is that life is to be enjoyed now,” he said.

Gushing over each bottle, he could not contain his passion. Patterson said to remember that “every whisky is nurtured by time and that it takes time to become a masterpiece.”

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The one-of-one, six-bottle Collection to be auctioned off via Sotheby’s is comprised of:

The Dalmore Decades 1951 – ‘Royal Heritage’

A 60-year-old single malt, matured in twin sherry casks, one can expect to find whispers of black treacle, ginger spice, and cocoa powder. The astonishing 1951 is one of the oldest whiskies ever released by The Dalmore, and the last of the whisky distilled during the Mackenzie era (The Dalmore’s fouders).

The Dalmore Decades 1967 – ‘Expertly Composed Spirit’

An impeccably elegant 53-year-old single malt, laid down in 1967, a landmark year in which the stillhouse as it stands today was created. This single malt provides complex, but wonderfully intriguing layers of clementine, tangy ground coffee and muscovado, thanks to its final maturation in a Mont-Redon Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine barrique.

The Dalmore Decades 1979 – ‘Curating Exquisite Casks’

This 40-year-old single malt is a tribute to the longstanding relationship between González Byass and The Dalmore. The resulting whisky is exuberant sultanas and toasted pistachios, finishing in pleasant notes of maple syrup, pineapple, and succulent dates.

The Dalmore Decades 1980 – ‘Unbroken Chain of Visionaries’

The 1980s marked Richard Paterson’s arrival at The Dalmore and his tutelage by the last Mackenzie.

The Dalmore Decades 1995 – ‘The Creation of an Icon’

The 1995 is matured in ex-Bourbon casks and finished in spectacular Tintilla de Rota port pipes. It offers a burst of red berries, glazed nectarines, frangipane, and moist pecan pie on the palate, building to a triumphal finish.

The Dalmore Decades 2000 – ‘Into the New Millennium’

The final whisky of The Dalmore Decades is also perhaps the most distinctive: it has spent all 20 years of its life in a Matusalem Oloroso sherry butt in a radical departure from the distillery’s practice. Rare and intriguing, black maraschino cherry and bitter chocolate drench the palate, and a final kiss of liquorice and tarte tatin ebbs slowly in the background. While it took 20 long years to craft this unique spirit, its exceptional quality can be recognized in a matter of seconds.

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Remember now that only one collector in the world can own 'The Dalmore Decades Number 6' collection. Is this an investment that piques your interest?