We came, we saw, we drank. This KL bar serves delicious and inventive cocktails from a dedicated team that knows their stuff.

Situated in a back alley in Plaza Damansara and perhaps unbeknown to the unadventurous, Skullduggery is a bar that exudes personality.

The venue is stylish and welcoming, thanks in part to the dim lighting that lends the venue a permanent evening feel and the little oddities that further lends the bar a playful vibe.

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While the bar itself isn't very big, it is intimate enough to bring a date yet spacious enough to host a small get-together with your best mates.

What really sets Skullduggery apart from the sea of bars in KL is their people.

Each member of the crew at Skullduggery displays an infectious passion for what they do, which is evident when you taste one of their creative concoctions.

We take a trip to the bar to sample a selection of their signature cocktails off their new cocktail menu.

1 / 5

You Say Potato

Unlike anything that we've ever tried, this cocktail incorporates influences of rosemary, garlic, clarified tomato and several other ingredients that surprisingly plays well with vodka. The drink itself is quite complex in terms of flavour yet extremely pleasant to taste. Take a bite of the accompanying baguette for a slightly smoky crunch that accentuates the flavours of the drink. 

2 / 5

Jack O'Mai

Jackfruit spiced rum isn't something you hear everyday. The Jack O'Mai cocktail marries the sweet honey-like qualities of jackfruit with the spicy sultry properties of spiced rum and jazzes it up with a bit of bitterness from matcha powder. Take a sip and sweetness hits your tongue before making way for a subtle spiciness that creates a fantastic interplay of flavours on the palate. 

3 / 5


Continuing from our previous libation, the Wallflower has a cinnamon-like tang with a frothy head that softens its entry on the palate. Taking a sip reveals a well bodied profile, while its aftertaste feels reminiscent of honey. The addition of spicy galangal syrup adds further complexity.

4 / 5

Whisky Sour

A timeless pour, the Whisky Sour is an example of Skullduggery having a mastery of the basics. This after-six elixir features uncomplicated ingredients assembled and presented with skill. Tart, a touch sweet and easy to enjoy, this is one drink that's easy to enjoy all night long.

5 / 5

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

In honour of Negroni week worldwide, Skullduggery has released a special timed menu that celebrates the legendary beverage. One that tops that list for us is the Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. The spirits in this cocktails are aged to enhance the flavours present, which is then smoked before being served with a classic orange twist, producing bold flavours in a glass.

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