Nobu is an underrated locale for a tipple, but with KL city serving as a stunning backdrop, this Japanese restaurant certainly deserves a fresher look.

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Cocktails aren’t the first thought that come to mind when one thinks of Nobu – that would be Japanese food. They wouldn’t even be the second thing one thinks of in relation to the restaurant – that would be Japanese-Latin American fusion food. But once you get over your rumbling stomach and settle on your thirsty tongue, you’ll think of Nobu for another reason – its cocktail menu.

Nobu is an underrated and under-appreciated locale for a tipple, but with KL city serving as a stunning backdrop, its grand three-sided bar, splendidly comfortable lounge chairs and all round calmingly Zen atmosphere, this Japanese restaurant certainly deserves a fresher look.

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Nobu’s menu offers just over a dozen cocktails, all of them – taking a cue from chef Nobu’s culinary language – based on a fusion between the classics and modern Asian fair.

Here are some of the cocktails you can look forward to:

Nobu Shochu Dragon

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A fruity and sweet concoction that is pretty much a crowd favourite. Made with Nobu’s own Shochu, fresh dragon fruit, elderflower and lemon, this cocktail is a refreshing way to start the evening, and maybe even carry it through.

Matsuhisa Martini

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If it’s named after the boss, you know you have to try it. Like a martini, this one starts with vodka, but rather than vermouth and lemon, you get Hokusetsu Sake and ginger. The sake is the star, but benefits from the fresh cucumber garnish.

For Gin Sake

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Another fruity cocktail, but this time, the grapes offer more sour notes, over sweet. Those notes go very well with the Tanqueray gin and just a hint of sake creating a well-balanced and very drinkable cocktail.

Suntory Sidecar

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This sidecar gets the Asian touch, at Nobu. Built on the base of Suntory Whisky, it gets a hint of Grand Marnier liqueur and Yuzu juice. This is one you enjoy at the bar, asking for another, and another, and another – my personal favourite.

So the next time you want to take in a breath-taking view of Kuala Lumpur and enjoy a not-so traditional Japanese meal, throw in a couple of cocktails and have yourself a memorable night.

Nobu is located at level 56, Menara 3 Petronas, Persiaran KLCC. For more information, or to make reservations, call 03 2164 5084, or visit their official website. 

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