Some Young's cocktail bottles come with playlists and cool illustrations that you won't be able to resist — match it to your mood and have a happy hour, indeed!

Switch up your cocktail time at home by changing the ambience with the help of Some Young's specially curated playlists that come with every unique cocktail creation. It's not every day that you'll find a delicious bottled tipple that has a matching playlist to set the mood.

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Thankfully, the team behind Some Young were inspired to pay tribute to all who love meeting people, enjoying good music, and a refreshing drink. They do so by serving great drinks, thoughtfully packaged with a full audiovisual experience: "from illustrations that show a certain feeling to secret playlists hidden in every SOME·bottle" the team shares with us. The bottles have eye-catching illustrations which show how meticulous the Some Young team can be — all to make every bottle and customer feel special.

Although Some Young's bottled cocktails seem like a great idea that emerged during the pandemic, they have been working on it for three years. "We really loved travelling — our love of visiting bars, meeting a like-minded community, and trying out different flavours around the world sparked something in us to create something here in the Philippines and share the fun experience in our own way," shared the Some Young team.

Before the pandemic, Some Young even left "clues" around their favourite destinations across Asia in the form of stickers. "[This was] to remember the places that inspired a vibe - from quaint neighbourhoods to cool hidden spots," they added.

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With various experiences in the F&B industry, Royce Pua and Rach Acorda form the impressive duo behind Some Young. Royce is a professional bartender who tends to perfecting each bottled cocktail, while Rach is in charge of managing the brand. After realising how they themselves felt while enjoying their cocktails, that it brought back nostalgic, fun, and inspiring feelings or memories, the team knew they had to find a way to evoke the same energy for each customer. "There’s something different when you’re sitting by the bar or enjoying a good round of drinks by the curb-side with your friends. Not only do we work on the flavours for each cocktail, but we also suggest serving suggestions that bring people together and enjoy a bit of fun," they said.

They have clearly thought through the entire experience and did not just stop at making the drink. Customers have taken notice of their attention to detail and greatly appreciate it. "Each drink has its own personality and creating unique playlists to go with them is our way of guiding the customers on how we feel about each drink. We make each cocktail with a mood in mind down to the little details - from the premium ingredients and technique, to the playlists and design of every bottle" they added. 

Fortunately, you can experience Some Young's unique cocktails in two different batches: Batch 00 and Batch 01.

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Tatler Asia
Tatler Asia

Batch 00

As a modern apothecary, the Some Young team hopes to cure any mood with their special cocktails like the Cold Brew Negroni and Tropic Thunder. The Cold Brew Negroni is dark and bitter as it is a mix of cold brew coffee, bittersweet Campari, rosso vermouth, and botanical London dry gin which makes it a good drink for a fun working lunch, for example. But if you just want to enjoy the company you're in and do not have to do any work, then you should have the spicy, tropical, and refreshing Tropic Thunder which is mixed with spiced rum, pineapple, and clarified milk.

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Tatler Asia
Tatler Asia

Batch 01

Batch 01 consists of two soothing cocktails. They are the kind of drinks that you'd definitely look for either after a long week or whenever you are in the mood. The MOMO, or "peach" in Japanese, evokes a lighter mood; the team suggests that you enjoy this when you're looking forward to something great. It's Some Young's version of a whisky sour mixed with oaky blended scotch, juicy peach, citrus, and aromatic bitters. But for a calm (and floral) evening, you should have the Moon Flower. It's a good mix of chamomile infused gin, floral lavender vermouth, honey, and citrus notes.


Holiday Cheers

Just in time for Christmas, Some Young presents: Gram’s Apple Pie and Horiday Spirit bottled cocktails. The Gram's Apple Pie is a warm and cozy cocktail that aims to lull you into nostalgic, holiday mood. Here you will taste oaky Scotch, Christmas spices, and red juicy apples. On the other hand, their take on an old fashioned cocktail features roasted houjicha and is infused with sake and shochu. The Horiday Spirit is roasty, toasty, and boozy! Both these drinks can be enjoyed hot, or cold. 

You can call Some Young at +63917 188 5886 or send them an email at for inquiries. You can also follow Some Young on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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