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Labelled the Six Senses, this collection of cocktails is sure to stimulate your palate

Jann has jumped onboard the bottled cocktail craze by concocting the Six Senses, a collection comprising six cocktails. All you need to do is pour each libation over ice and top the lot with dehydrated fruits of your choice. Only available as a set, the Six Senses is priced at RM138, meaning each cocktail costs less than RM25.

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The Six Senses Flight

甜 Tián

Start with the sweetest cocktail of the lot. Containing Absolut vodka, red wine, rose syrup, and orange juice, Tián is reminiscent of a sangria, what with its fruity and floral flavours.


酸 Suān

A combination of Jameson Irish Whiskey, pineapple liquor, pineapple juice, and lime juice, Suān is sure to please fans of sour or tangy flavours.


苦 Kǔ

The bitterness you taste can be credited to a mixture of Absolut Vodka, Jameson Irish Whiskey, pandan, and coffee. Using the cold brew method, boiled pandan water is infused with alcohol.


辣 Là

A single taste is enough to confirm the high level of spice. Olmeca tequila is blended with mango juice, chilli, ginger and calamansi to fulfil your spicy cravings.


咸 Xián

Salted caramel, Chivas Extra, and sweet vermouth results in a sweet-salty combination that is sure to trigger your thirst for more.


鲜 Xiān

Your final destination pays homage to the Japanese concept of umami. A new take on the Old Fashioned, Xiān contains a cordial flavoured with seaweed, fish stock, longan syrup, honey, and five-spice—definitely one for the books if you're an adventurous drinker.

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