Cover Only Vodka Soda is a vodka soda in a can for health-conscious drinkers (Photo: Only Beverages)

Only Vodka Soda is Hong Kong’s first zero sugar, zero carbs and premium vodka soda in a can—perfect for health-conscious drinkers

For those who love their alcoholic beverages in a can, there’s a new option in town. Only Vodka Soda, Hong Kong’s first zero sugar, zero carb, naturally flavoured, premium vodka soda in a can is now available.

Only Vodka Soda is the first product from Only Beverages, a Hong Kong-based ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage brand founded by Canadian Hongkongers, Jonathan Der and Flora Ma. Der is a certified foodie who also considers himself a bona fide beer drinker but soon recognised its negative side effects on his health. Whenever he visits Canada, he found that low calories, zero sugar ready-to-drink products were accessible and realised that Hong Kong was lagging far behind.

Meanwhile, co-founder Ma, the daughter of two entrepreneurs and a health-conscious drinker herself also noticed the lack of available ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages created for health-conscious consumers. Aiming to fill in the gap, the two Vancouverites joined forces to start Only Beverages.

“Only Vodka is not just a beverage brand. Our vision is to redefine modern and social drinking experiences, by creating the highest quality, best tasting, and most health-conscious alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages on the market,” says Der and Ma.

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“In a city like Hong Kong where people lead both highly active and highly social lifestyles, we wanted to provide a product that facilitates our customers’ enjoyment of all this city has to offer, while minimizing alcohol’s impact on their health,” they add.

Only Vodka Soda features two citrus flavours: Tahitian lime and yuzu ginger. After trying both, I find that each offers a refreshing sour taste with a hint of sweetness, perfect as an after-work drink or during a night in with friends. The citrus and fruity flavours will appeal to those who prefer a light drink, like me. The new drink comes in a packaged, sleek, chic and highly photogenic matte white can.

Each vodka soda can contains 4.5 per cent abv and only 80 calories, which is roughly half of an average can of beer. To top it off, it contains no artificial flavours, preservatives or artificial sweeteners, gluten-free, vegan and keto-friendly.

Only Vodka Soda can be purchased in packs of 12 online at with free next-day shipping or in person at several of Hong Kong’s best retailers including Craftissimo, Feather & Bone (Mid-Levels), The Bottle Shop and more. To see the full list, please visit the official website.

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