Champagne royalty Oliver Krug was recently in KL to show us the benefits of pairing Krug and music.

Krug-Profile 1.jpg (original size)Olivier Krug | Photo: Courtesy of Krug

Describing himself as the gatekeeper of Krug champagne, Olivier Krug is the sixth-generation family member tasked with carrying the vision of his ancestor.

Krug has often been described as the Rolls-Royce of champagnes, guided by their ongoing success in creating the finest champagnes yearly.

Recently in Malaysia for the first time, Olivier explains that the brand believes that what you hear musically affects your tastes, more specifically the taste of Krug.

Krug-and-Won.jpg (original size)Krug's only Malaysian ambassador Chef James Won and Olivier Krug | Photo: Courtesy of Krug

“Our job is to provide elements so that the experience is successful. For example, we need to tell people that a great champagne should not be served too cold or in a flute. It would be like going to the opera with earplugs,” said Olivier.

Already renowned for having an embassy of star-studded chefs globally, with Malaysia’s first and only ambassador being James Won, Krug has now factored music into their bubbly experience.

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Each year, the maison invites selected musicians to a tasting, where they then create playlists that reflect their physical and sensorial feelings based on their experiences with Krug.

“The musicians tell us that if this champagne was a piece of music, it would be like this or like that,” says Olivier.

Eggs.jpg (original size)Mushroom tartar and quail yolk in truffle paired with Krug Grande Cuvée at Enfin by James Won | Photo: Courtesy of Krug

True enough, music pairing does have an effect on Krug champagne, as experienced by Malaysia Tatler. Guided by Olivier, he told us that "once the music is playing, have a sip, forget the music and follow the taste."

The classical piece that accompanied our glass of Grande Cuvée had a build-up that excited the champagne's layers of flavours and tastes on the palate. 

"In the beginning I didn't believe in it. I thought I didn't need music to help me to taste," says Olivier. "Now, it has completely changed my understanding of tasting."

Like a ripple effect, having a glass of incredibly fine champagne alongside curated music pieces pronounces its complexity and freshness at the same time in waves.

Dessert.jpg (original size)Heirloom cherry tomato, raspberry, pistachio sand, crème fraiche sabayon, apple sorre and basil ice cream paired with Krug Rosé | Photo: Courtesy of Enfin by James Won

Every bottle of Krug comes with an ID on the back label, complete with the history of that bottle when scanned with a free companion app. The app also holds music playlists created for different types of Krug expressions, having songs that range from classical pieces to more modern beats.

Amazed at this new revelation and in the presence of champagne royalty, we had to ask: what do you love about champagne?

“A great champagne is delicious, intense, fresh, multi-layered and joyful. This is what my great great great grandfather understood from the beginning,” he said.

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