Located right next to Quinary, the newcomer on Hollywood Road is plugging a gap in the market for a proper bar dedicated to rum

Even as bars continue to stay closed under the cloak of Covid-19 measures, there is something to look forward to—The Daily Tot, a brand new venue dedicated to celebrating all things rum, is now open on Hollywood Road. Led by industry pros Tiana Ludhani (founder and Barbados native) and Gerry Olino (previously of Dr Fern’s and Foxglove) we expect that The Daily Tot will do for rum what Jay Khan’s COA did for tequila and mezcal—that is, lead drinkers on an intriguing discovery of a spirit they thought they knew.

At the moment, the bar is open from 12:00pm to 9:00pm for food and coffee/tea as well as rum cocktails and rum flights. Located on the corner of Hollywood Road and Peel Street, it sits right between hotspots Quinary and Shady Acres, aka a prime spot for passersby to stumble across and start their journey into rum.

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Above Gerry Olino, beverage manager (Photo: Courtesy of The Daily Tot)
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Above Jake Mendoza, senior bartender (Photo: Courtesy of The Daily Tot)

The current bar programme features 11 rum cocktails designed to showcase the sheer spectrum of rums, from light white in the form of the Chiquita (white rum, banana liqueur, lillet blanc, and prosecco) to darker spirits as in the La Bamba (Plantation dark rum, Remy Martin VSOP, maple syrup and tobacco bitters, smoked with apple wood chips). Tropical flavours abound in the form of drinks such as Loco For Coco, served in a coconut shell and mixing Matusalem Solera rum, coconut rum, coconut tea, Maraschino liqueur, lime juice and bitters. If you’re not drinking rum (though, we’d question why you’d be at The Daily Tot in the first place) there are also four non-rum cocktails as well as mocktails.

The pride and joy of the venue is the rum bible, naturally, as Ludhani would love for drinkers to enjoy the spirit in its purest form, just like a proper sailor. Indeed, the name of the bar doffs its cap to the daily rum ration given at noontime to royal navy sailors from 1850 up until 31 July 1970, when it was abolished due to—what else—health and safety concerns. That day henceforth became known as Black Tot Day, which inspired the name of Black Tot Rum—one of the world’s most well regarded rum brands—that, in Hong Kong, exclusively available at The Daily Tot. The collection also includes rhum agricoles (i.e. made from fresh sugarcane juice rather than molasses) from Martinique and Don Papa rum from The Philippines; the list is conveniently divided by regions (from Barbados to Venezuela). In true Havana fashion, cigars can also be enjoyed on the terrace.

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The bar menu is a slight mishmash of flavours, with offerings ranging from beef skewers with farofa (toasted cassava flour) to fish tacos and charcuterie platters. Meanwhile, 5-year-old Oak Barrel Aged Tortuga Gold Rum features in desserts such as coconut rum cake and chocolate rum cake. 

With travel restricted and the dream of a holiday ever distant, we’re pretty sure there will be many Hongkongers relying on The Daily Tot for their trip to the Caribbean islands.

The Daily Tot, Shop E, Felicity Building, 58 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

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