Avoid a series of faux pas with this basic glassware guide

With a plethora of choices out there in glassware, it can be complicated to decide which glasses to use for certain wines and occasions. The general idea is to find the right stemware that is adapted not just to the wine but also to the occasion!

For example, when hosting a fun, relaxed dinner with friends where the wine is not necessarily the highlight, you could use more rustic glasses.

Whereas a more intimate affair with really special wines would call for glasses that allow the wine to be truly appreciated. In this case, they should be clear, properly shaped and thus well adapted to the enjoyment of all the aromas and flavours. One can even buy special glasses suited for specific grape varieties.

We’ve outlined a basic glassware guide for oenophiles: 

Is It Okay To Use Coloured Wine Glasses?

Coloured wine glasses are always fun and tempting to use but they do take away from the pleasure of appreciating the wine itself. Use only if the wine is not really the highlight of the occasion or if you’re keeping in a particular festive theme. 

Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless glasses are perfect for a casual get together with friends. When using them, pop on some jeans and a t-shirt!

Wine Goblets

Use the classic wine goblets for more dressy occasions. For some reason, a table set with stemware forces people to behave a little more delicately. Use these kinds of glasses for dinner parties where you will be serving high-end wines. With these glasses people will be able to properly see the wine, swirl it, and appreciate each note that it has to offer.

Cut Glass Or Crystal Glasses

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These scream ultra-chic and by default, can add a touch of class to any wine you are serving! They can be used when you are pouring only one kind of wine that is mid-range, and where the wine is not the central focus of the meal.

Champagne Flutes

Champagne flutes always add a festive air to any occasion. Use these to welcome guests to your home for pre-dinner drinks, or even to celebrate your child’s birthday party or baptism.

Rustic Goblets

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Chunkier and more textured goblets are perfect for outdoor occasions such as picnics or outdoor events. 

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