Promotion: Mar 7 - Jun 29 2021 (Expired)

Complement your culinary experience with top class sake from Takagi Brewery this season

Founded 400 years ago in Yamagata and now led by the legendary 15th generation Mr Akitsuna Takagi, Juyondai sake has captivated food and wine connoisseurs worldwide with its fresh, fruity expression and complex flavours. Juyondai Gold Label (HK$880/carafe), Black Label (HK$680/carafe) and Red Label (HK$680/carafe) are now available to enjoy at Ta-ke

This collection of overseas limited sake is the supreme representation of Takagi Brewery’s beauty and exquisite craftmanship. They offer elegant layers of fruit and floral aromas and opulent flavours of fruits with silky smooth texture on the palate. Enjoy all at HK$680 per carafe when ordering 3 or more.