A partnership with Patrón Tequila and Tenaganita will allow Joloko to support the rights of women, children & migrant workers

Tenaganita, a portmanteau of two Malay words: 'tenaga' (energy) and 'wanita' (woman), is a labour and human rights organisation born out of the struggles of women workers in 1991. The past three decades have seen an expansion of the organisation's oeuvre; children and migrant workers too, fall under their wing today. Tenaganita's work largely encompasses:

  • Abolishing human trafficking
  • Asserting the right of migrants
  • Overseeing refugee action programmes
  • Finding shelter for trafficked women and children
  • Providing training on business accountability and responsibility.

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As of March 11th 2020, tropical hangout Joloko will be starting its special Ladies Night deal dubbed Margarita for Tenaganita.

"We’re hoping to help create more awareness for the work that Tenaganita does and for the groups that they help and represent," commented co-owner Kit Yin Chan. "We’ll be selling margaritas with or without a tasting platter and 100% of the proceeds go to Tenaganita, a local women's empowerment and human rights organisation."

Stay briefed on announcements or updates by following the Margarita for Tenaganita Facebook event.

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