The best bar in Asia will be transformed into Camp Smokey, an adults-only summer camp, where you’ll be served innovative cocktails using the peated whisky

You’re invited to troop down to Jigger & Pony this month, as the best bar in Asia 2020 has collaborated with peated whisky brand Monkey Shoulder to bring about summer camp nostalgia through its Camp Smokey event.

Happening from April 20 to May 2, imbibers will be able to taste the versatility of the peated whisky through special cocktails curated by Monkey Shoulder regional brand ambassador Samuel Ng and Jigger & Pony principal bartender Silvio Daniele. In line with the theme, their creations hark back to nostalgic memories of their camping days.

Smoked Bananas is a great way to start. Inspired by Silvio’s camping adventures around South East Asia where bananas are plucked straight from the plants and eaten fresh, this cocktail is a sweet and potent mix of Smokey Monkey, banana puree, lime juice and grated smoked marshmallow.

Ng and Silvio's camping days included stepping out into the wild and foraging for the best experience, which is what Wild Highball is about. This refreshing offering is a reimagined version of the classic Highball, crafted with Monkey Shoulder and Smokey Monkey, coconut cordial, bamboo leaves, and finished with soda water for that welcome fizz.

To give the classic Old Fashioned a twist, Silvio and Ng created the Campfire Old Fashioned, which was also inspired by the summer campfires. This smooth and smoky drink features Smokey Monkey that's made smokier by infusing the tipple with smoke from the palo santo and hinoki wood. When you indulge in all three cocktails, you’ll be rewarded ‘summer camp style’ with limited-edition embroidered badges.

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Complementing the summer camp experience is a range of snacks such as grilled stuffed chicken wings served with sriracha sauce, and a deconstructed S’mores snack featuring chocolate brownies, biscoff biscuit and torched marshmallow.

Of the collaboration event, Ng mentioned that they want to offer people a “playful escapism from the humdrum of daily life”. He added: “With Camp Smokey, we’ve created a fun, cheeky and unexpected way to introduce Smokey Monkey, the new peated malt whisky from Monkey Shoulder.”

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