Promotion: May 14 - Oct 30 2020 (Expired)

The new ‘archivist’ collection celebrates the golden eras of cocktail libations

This summer, Bob Louison, bar manager of Lobster Bar and Grill is launching The Archivist, a brand new cocktail menu which invites guests to an adventurous journey through centuries of cocktail renaissance. Inspired by classics from bygone eras, the new menu is constructed through a chronological timeline where Louison highlights his concoctions which include 12 intriguing libations and 6 mocktails, drawing inspiration from 1600s to the colonial times, the Prohibition era and post-Prohibition era. A new bar snack menu is now available, showcasing nibbles and treats designed by the restaurant’s executive chef Cary Docherty. Notable highlights include lobster bar puffs; lobster roll; country terrine; seafood platter and more. The new Archivist cocktail menu and bar snacks are available now until end of October 2020.