A barrel strength spirit that will knock your socks off and grow some hairs on your chest, Crows Single Malt Whiskey was recently introduced to the market

As the crow flies, so to speak, it was only a natural progression for Josemari Cuervo, brew master and the founder of Crows Craft Brewing & Distilling Co., to wade out into the unchartered territory of whiskey.

His latest and most heady endeavor to date, Crows Single Malt Whiskey, has set the precedent being that this is the very first single malt produced out of the Philippines. A bold and gutsy Philippine first that Cuervo ought to be proud of.

Prior to his nose dive into hard liquor, Cuervo started brewing in 2010 (Crows Brewery began in 2013). By now you would be a fan of his west coast-influenced #NotForEveryone Crow’s Carte Blanche white IPA, Pale Ale, De Puta Madre Double IPA, and Mala Hierba IPA.

Soon after, and with gin taking the drinker’s world by storm, he proceeded to distill spirits, specifically his own special spin on botanical gin. Hand-crafted from a small-batch distillery using 23 foraged botanicals from Bulgaria, Chile, China, Croatia, Egypt, France, India, Morocco, and the Philippines, Crow’s gin is vapor-infused with select Philippine citrus fruits and flora. This, he launched early 2017.

Not one to rest on his laurels, next up for Cuervo was the distillation of the malted stuff, which, according to Cuervo, is basically fusing beer-making with distilling spirits and aging. It was after a series of taste-testing sessions, that Cuervo realised that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to whiskey appreciation. He then decided to play around with a single malt variant…hence Crows Single Malt Craft Whiskey.

A fume-inducing, barrel strength libation, this adult beverage is not for the faint of heart (read: 65 per cent alcohol and 130 proof). The malt used in Crows hails from New Zealand and possesses a high diastatic power (sugar conversion rate). This distillate then sits in a first-filled American oak barrel then stored at cask strength. Think a very sweet sip with notes of caramel and citrus.

Currently, Cuervo is adding two more variants to the Crows gin selection and is looking to stock the non-alcoholic beverage shelves with something interesting. As the Crows story continues and his portfolio expands, perhaps an eponymous proudly Philippine-made tequila is in the cards?


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