Cover Brora Triptych

This ultra-exclusive whisky set, comprising expressions from a Brora of a bygone age, will be available via online balloting on October 10

After being closed for 38 years, the iconic Brora Distillery reopened its doors after a massive two-year renovation. To celebrate this amazing feat, the distillery released the ultra-exclusive Brora Triptych, comprising three vintage single malt whiskies handpicked by master blender Craig Wilson.

“These are some of our very last precious relics from a Brora of a bygone age,” explained Wilson, who added that each bottle represented a “moment in time” at the distillery.

At 48 years old, Elusive Legacy is the distillery’s oldest release in its history and boasts an earthy expression—instead of the distillery’s signature peaty style. 

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For a classic Brora style, the 43-year-old Age of Peat is a highly-peated whisky from the 70s and is a fine example of what a Highland whisky from that era should be like.

Rounding off the collection is the Timeless Original, a 38-year-old whisky with a lower peaty level but carries that distinct waxiness that made Brora famous.

These expressions come in a crystal bottle and a Glencairn crystal stopper and are encased in a case inspired by Brora’s surrounding coastlines.

There are only 300 Brora Triptych sets available worldwide, and Diageo Rare & Exceptional will be hosting an online balloting on October 10 to give you a chance to own this limited-edition set. Find out more here.

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