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Need a break from your third glass of wine? We recommend asking your resident water sommelier for a nice, refreshing glass of H20 instead

"Drink more water!" It's the ubiquitous self-care reminder we often hear from our mothers, from our friends, and from the Instagram self-help gurus we love to follow.

Of course, this piece of advice is not without its merit; water is, after all, a necessary part of every living being on this planet. While some may be quick to scoff at the idea, it's nevertheless true: you can be discerning when it comes to water. This is because, like wine, water comes from various terroirs all over the world—each of which has a unique taste and health benefits. Join us today as we guide you through some of the most expensive water brands in the world—and find out whether or not they're worth your while. 

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1. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

The Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani was dubbed the "World's Most Expensive Bottle of Water," recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records. Theirs comes in a 24-carat solid gold bottle and holds 750ml of water sourced from Fijian and French springs, plus it also has some glacial water from Iceland. Not only is it quite an experience, but it also comes in a diamond-encrusted bottle designed by Fernando Altamirano, the same man who's designed the world's most expensive cognac bottle

Estimated Value: US$6.1 million or around HK$47.3 million for 750ml

2. Beverly Hills 90H20

Another extravagant sip comes from Beverly Hills 9OH2O, a US-based brand that sources its water from springs in the mountains of California. They promise natural alkaline concentration and high levels of healthy electrolytes. The brand's Diamond Edition came out in the mid-2010s and features a bottle cap with 14 carats of white and black diamonds from Mario Jewellers of Beverly Hills. 

Estimated Value: US$100,000 or about HK$776,000 for 750ml

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3. Bling H20

With a name like that, it's no surprise that Bling H2O is as celebrated as it is. The brand is famous for pure, spring water sourced from atop Palomar Mountain in Southern California. Their Ten Thousand Bottle features thousands of hand-applied Swarovski crystals and is fully customisable to virtually any colour combination upon request. 

Estimated Value: US$2,700 or HK$21,000 for one bottle

4. Fillico

One of the most expensive water brands in the world is Fillico. Established in 2005, the brand sources water from the Nunobiki spring in Kobe, Japan. The area is also known to produce delicious sake made from the same H2O. One of the most distinct aspects of Fillico is its bottle, which comes in a conical shape with a crown cap. Though the brand offers many limited edition bottles, one of the most in-demand is the FILLICO Black Queen, which introduces us to a frosted matte black bottle embedded with 57 Swarovski crystals. 

Estimated Value: US$1,200 or HK$9,300 for 720ml


5. Nevas

A German startup founded in 2019, Nevas claims itself to be the first premium water of German origin. It comes in a stylish black bottle and is best known for its "fine, pearly texture". Interestingly, the brand also won a Taste Award in 2019. Its limited-edition, glow-in-the-dark water magnums (which feature Disney characters) retail for 1,500 euros each

Estimated value: US$1,788 or HK$13,900 for 1.5 litres

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6. Svalbarði

Svalbarði offers a unique drinking experience by offering arctic water from Longyearbyen to curious and thirsty clients. They've been recognised by the Fine Water Society as one of the world's best tasting waters, with a slightly sweet flavour and low mineral content. Accordingly, it pairs well with delicately flavoured dishes as well as chocolates. Interestingly, some of their water comes from icebergs that can be up to 4,000 years old!

Estimated value: US$107 or HK$830 for 750ml

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