The EC9 from the Hennessy X.O Exclusive Collection 2015 maintains its original shape but still aesthetically pleasing on the eye.

Known as the world’s largest producer of cognac, Hennessy has recently announced its latest Hennessy X.O Exclusive Collection 2015, the EC9.

Renowned British industrial designer Tom Dixon, known for his innovative designs in furniture, lighting and accessories, designed this one-of-a-kind carafe. On its design, Tom Dixon had this to say, “I was inspired by the way precious objects are mounted, specifically the crystals in the geological museum in London.”

The EC9 takes a nod towards its traditional design while showcasing a unique and contemporary rendition. It encompasses a striking visual tribute to more than 100 eaux de vie composing the Hennessy blend.

This exclusive bottle of cognac will be available from December 2015 onwards.

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