Cover Liu Wei (Photo: Hennessy)

Maison Hennessy has teamed up with contemporary artist Liu Wei this Chinese New Year to spread a message of hope and joy for the future

In the spirit of openness and confidence, values that are traditionally associated with the Year of the Ox, contemporary artist Liu Wei has conceived "SPRING". This work of art specially commissioned by Maison Hennessy brims with colour, movement and a sense of transformation. Even at first sight, the vibrant kaleidoscopic painting imparts feelings of joy and optimism.

The Beijing-based artist is heavily influenced by the instability and fluctuation specific to present-day China. Celebrated for his large-scale oeuvres as well as his use of unconventional mediums and shapes, Liu is considered one of China’s first generation "new-wave" artists.

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It was in the Cognac region where Liu discovered the affinity between the world of contemporary art and that of cognac-making.

"Cognac-making is an art because discerning aromas and flavours also depend on emotions." says Liu. The artist has designed his œuvre to remain open to individual interpretation, in ode to the art of crafting exceptional cognacs which in itself allows for infinite imagination.

In a world where so many people work like machines, Maison Hennessy focuses on the excellence of the gesture. We both bring the world’s beauty to life through art: what we create is a contemporary expression of emotion.
Liu Wei, contemporary artist

Maison Hennessy strives to not only be present, but also relevant to their consumers. The Liu Wei collection comes as part of Maison Hennessy’s deep-seated commitment to providing an elevated unparalleled Chinese New Year celebration this year.

Aside from "SPRING", Liu also contributed to the artwork of the Hennessy 2021 Chinese New Year Limited Edition Collection. The Hennessy VSOP boasts a vibrant gradient of fuchsia and red, colours associated with success and good luck. The Hennessy XO on the other hand, comes adorned in gold and red, symbolising wealth and prosperity.

The Chinese New Year collection comes with specially curated packages and gifts, available now at key retail outlets such as Jaya Grocer, Boozeit, Mercato, Giant as well as AEON.

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