Cover Photo: Courtesy of Four Seasons Hong Kong

Lorenzo Antinori’s new creations pay homage to seasonality with revamped classics and new libations to love

Autumn has descended and, given the change in seasonal produce, Caprice Bar at Four Seasons Hong Kong has revamped its signature cocktail menu. Titled ‘Saisons’, or seasons in French, the new libations are designed and crafted by the hotel cocktail bar’s beverage manager Lorenzo Antinori, adding a spark to the autumn and winter seasons.

The new Saisons cocktail menu is the second edition since its inaugural summer launch. Set to change every four months in relation to the seasonality of ingredients, the cocktail menu is presented in the form of a calendar with the names of each cocktail listed on a sliding stick panel—hiding behind each wooden stick is a list of ingredients featured in each cocktail. The array of cocktails are listed from lightest to strongest by alcohol content and the complexity of their flavour profile.

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The new selection of cocktails showcases produce at their peak harvest during autumn and winter. Antinori has renewed the Fig Leaf, a best-selling cocktail from his previous Summer Saisons menu. The new Fig leaf cocktail is a twist on the gin sour, where Australian gin Never Never Triple Juniper is mixed with Mastiha liqueur, lemon juice, and honey infused with local fig leaves.

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Other highlights from the Saisons cocktail menu include the Pear, a floral highball made with French crassene pear, a fruit celebrated for its floral aroma and soft, but slightly grainy flesh. A cordial is made after the pears are cooked in honey, and the cocktail is made with a blend of Widges gin, elderflower liqueur, pear soda, and Fernet Hunter. The Chestnut is the strongest cocktail by strength, and is a take on an Old Fashioned where bourbon is infused with roasted chestnuts, with enhanced nuttiness from bitters and argan oil and maple syrup. Antinori’s new Saisons cocktail menu is available now at Caprice Bar now until January 2021.