This internationally recognised home-grown rum launches the Sevillana, with only 60 bottles available in the country.

Meet Don Papa’s beautiful new brainchild: the rare Sevillana, a rum that is truly something special and sought after.
Don Papa’s Sevillana is a blend of five and fifteen-year-old rums distilled from 100% Negros Island sugar cane molasses. This particular rum was aged in American ex-bourbon barrels for several years and then transferred into two different kinds of Spanish casks for three more years: Oloroso Sherry and Andalusian Vino De Naranja (Orange Wine). From this intricate and meticulous process, the dark amber liquid is infused with an orange, citrus flavour profile.

As homage to the old tradition and fame of orange wines, which used to be a status symbol during the Manila-Acapulco Galleon trade era, Don Papa created Sevillana. The unique orange flavour comes from the infusion of Seville oranges also known as bitter oranges. These tick skinned fruits were introduced in Spain during the beginning of the 10th century through Moorish trade. Via the galleon trade with Southeast Asia, this gorgeous fruit made its way to the Philippines.

With each sip, you will notice fragrant fruity notes that are well rounded with a sweet buttery finish. The rum’s nutty aromas paired with hints of vanilla beautifully accent the beverage’s smoky taste.

This limited edition rum is distilled on the island of Negros, Philippines. The exceptional climate and the volcanic soil bring richness to the sugarcane growing on Mount Kanlaon. After the harvest the cane is crushed in one of the local mills, and the molasses, known locally as ‘black gold’ are then distilled in columns before being aged in oak casks.



The Sevillana is presented in an exquisite and vibrant Rococo-inspired bottle. Its design reflects aspects of Spanish influence, a lush colorful landscape, and the irreverence of Papa Isio’s story, the revolutionary hero who inspired the Don Papa name.

Philippine Made, Internationally Respected

Did you know that Don Papa, made by the Bleeding Heart Rum Company, is a local, home-grown enterprise that has successfully and fruitfully gone international?

Don Papa Rum is a small batch, single origin, premium rum brand from the island of Negros, Philippines. The rum draws inspiration from the island’s legendary revolutionary leader, Papa Isio, and is distilled from local sugarcane molasses. The brand is something that Filipinos should be proud of as Don Papa has been able to showcase Philippine talent to the world. Their beautiful packaging and presentation combined with high-quality products has positioned the brand as a staple on many menus around the globe. Don Papa was launched in 2012 and currently can now be found in over 20 countries including France, Germany, Spain, the United States of America, South Africa, Belgium, Italy, and Japan!

Supporting local just got more delicious! Get your hands on a bottle of Sevillana and let us know what you think! 

  • Photographyangela arcega